Black In America REVIEW – Tell us your opinion!

While part one:  “The Black woman” fail short of my expectations I’d like to hear from you.

I don’t know about other Black women but for me, Solidad didn’t scratch the surface of why or what we truly go through being black in america. 

As for part two:  “The Black Man”  I thought it was very informative and delved much deeper into the surface by addressing what I believe to be the root of our evil:  Sending our children to be taught by those who hated them. 

Much research has been done to prove that When teachers believe a student can’t learn, they fail to teach.  What the teacher believes whether said or unsaid is more absorbed by the young mind than any lesson “thrown AT them” and Black America has rapidly deteriorated and grown in self-hatred and hopelessness since armed guards escorted our babies into an intergrated school system of teachers who hated blacks or at the least believed we were inferior servants. 

Maybe no one wants to admit that but whenever we leave others to do our job especially those who don’t want to do it….it will be less desirable than if we would have done it ourselves.  What mother would want someone to teach her child, who has to be held at gunpoint because they hate them so much?  what outcome could we possibly expect?

 “Until the Lion tells his story, the Hunter will forever be glorified.”  

TELL US WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF IT!  If you’d like your opinion considered for publication please include your contact information in your comment.


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