Full story here–> Rev. Wright was involved in a fatal car accident on July 4 that killed his beloved wife Betty and their grandson, DJ.

Laurie Schneider, a dear friend of the Wright family who along with David Wright is the reverend’s medical proxy.  Story, directly from Laurie:

Rev. Timothy Wright was transferred from Geisinger Medical Center in PA to the Kessler Institue in NJ.

Rev. Wright has a severe C4 spinal cord injury. He is still on a respirator, which can be removed for an hour a day, and when off he can speak. Doctors expect that Rev. Wright will be on a respirator for 4-6 more weeks but will eventually be able to breathe on his own.

If you have any questions about donating, about the medical expenses, or about the reverend’s condition, visit the Reverend’s MySpace page for updated and official information and to learn how you can help.

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