Alaskan Protest

Alaskan Protest

I prefer to keep my personal opinions to myself and remain neutral.  But I just have to say this especially after recieving an email from Audrey about the ALASKAN PROTEST.





McCain has no respect for the intelligence of women!


Women are not the airheads that McCain seems to think we are.  In my opinion he just lost the race. 


Selecting a woman for his running mate especially an unknown, inexperienced woman who will have to lead this nation through crisis should McCain fail to complete the next four years, is a blatant insult to the intelligence of women and all American Citizens across this nation.


How obvious is this attempt to win an election with no sincerity to lead this county?  The only thing I can conclude from his choice is old school politics to do whatever it takes to win.  


Hilary had tremendous support from the women in this country, many of whom vowed to vote republican if she lost.  It is a calculated ploy to put a woman his ticket in an attempt to prey on the disappointment of women who wanted a woman lead this nation.


No loner can he harrass Obama about being too inexperienced to handle crisis and war.  No longer can I believe he ever really cared that this nation should have an experienced leader. 


I cannot image McClain contemplating his concern for the future of this country and taking into consideration, “I am along in age, who would I trust to lead in my place if I should become ill, disabled or die?”  


Then come to the conclusion that it would be wise to have a 44 year old woman with barely 20 months in office as governor in a state that has rarely played much of a role in national politics, and whose top line on her political résumé was her tenure as mayor of Wasilla, a tiny suburb of Anchorage with fewer than 7,000 residents.


I can image McClain contemplating, his concern for winning this campaign by any means necessary and saying, “How can I get more votes?”


 I know many voters are not happy with Obama being president…and lets just say it’s only because of his “inexperience;” Or maybe because “they really don’t know him.”  …These are McCain’s top two strategies against Obama.   Excuse me, what is her experience…? …..Who is she….?  Say what?   … 20 months in office?  …The wife of an “OIL” man?   …An official that terrorizes her staff and constituents?


….Are these signs of the beginning stages of dementia in our republican candidate?


What happens if his dementia disables him and they get that call at 3:am and Vice President Palin has to take it…..But her 3 year old has a high fever that kept her up all night….will she be ready?


It really is time for a change.  A change in the people we choose to run this country.  We need honest people not people who think we are so dumbed down that we can’t detect the tricks up their sleeves. 


Voting for McCain would be like buying snake oil just because he “says” it will cure what ails you even though you’re allergic to snakes.  Allergic or not, I don’t trust snakes and this concoction has no substance at all!


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