Penalize Judges for Child Predator Crimes

Criminal Judges in Northeast Pennsylvania

Penalize severely

Editor: We have no problem trying juveniles as adults when they make mistakes, so we should have no problem giving these judges life with no parole, should they be convicted, for deliberately committing crimes against children.

All children who were sentenced should be released, have their records expunged, and offered free education to restore their lives.

These insidious child predators should receive the culmination of every sentence they dispensed to every child that was a victim; be charged with treason of justice, and receive a count of child abuse for every child they incarcerated.

It is sinister and implies a level of corruption in our government to sentence these judges solely on their monetary corruption with no regard for the lives they have destroyed.

The judges that are not corrupt should stand to see to it that these dangerous violators of the institution of law get their maximum penalty to restore public trust and confidence in the judiciary and the courts.

The fact that these judges are only being charged and sentenced for fraud and income tax conspiracy with no address of the horrendous crime against children shows a level of corruption in the entire judicial system.

It vilifies every judge, verifies every accusation of corruption and injustice, and clarifies why our jails are overcrowded with non-threatening violators.

Worse is that their sentence will be minimized and the little time they do get will be served in an isolated resort with more privilege than the working class who will pay for their stay.



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