If you are job hunting, let me help you with your resume!

Every job recruiter knows immediately if your resume was done by a free-service (such as provided at Career Link). This tells them that you are as mediocre as the resume you submitted.

With the current job market the stacks of resumes are being weeded out based on professional appearance before any review is done.

Obviously a recruiter with hundreds of resumes is going to toss the mediocre resumes and review only the well-written ones because on average in a stack of 100 resumes, only about 20 will be professional in appearance, of the 20, only 10 will be well-written; of the 10, only one will be chosen…

So where do you want your resume to be in that stack?

What is your chance of being the chosen one?

Most professional resume services charge from $120 to $400 for entry level to mid-career resumes.

So, for a small investment of as little as $39 (entry level), and $59 (mid-career), I will revamp your resume.

For example, I can change a “janitor” into an “industrial hygienist”. I can turn a telemarketer’s experience into “excellent verbal and interpersonal skills, able to work independently,” etc, etc.

It’s all in how you word it and in knowing what job recruiters are looking for.

So why am I doing this for so little?

Honestly, in these difficult economic times, I choose to remain self-employed and can use the extra income. I have the experience in creative writing and proofreading necessary for revamping resumes that get the attention that leads to an interview.

I have to try it first; prove my ability and see if I like it, so I’m willing to start for less than the value of the time it will take to make your resume outstanding. And, if I can’t make it better I won’t accept your money!

What’s in it for you?

Because this is my initial attempt at professionally writing resumes for others, you get a professional quality resume and cover letter that will get past that mediocre pile that never gets read for less than half the cost you would pay anywhere else for the same quality of service.

So what’s the catch?

This is a pilot test limited to the first 30 people who respond. I’m asking that if you like my work and it helps you get interviews, that I can use your testimonial of satisfaction and part of your resume as samples for my work portfolio.

So what do you have to do?

Just reply to this email, attach your current resume and include your phone number and best time to reach you. After I review your resume I will contact you for further information to make your resume outstanding. Once I receive your payment I will email you one complete resume package (includes resume and correlating cover letter) that you can print out and keep for your files.

Note: at this time I can only work with those who already have a basic resume. If you don’t have one, use the free services or a template so that all your information is available. Then send it to me and watch how I transform your work history and experience into a competitive application for employment!


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