I watched as the Brilliant, mature women that spoke out about Rihanna going back to Chris after the violence. I love Oprah and I love Tyra and all the women speaking out are speaking the truth for the most part.

However, for one, their comprehension of the dynamics of emotional attachment in these situations is totally disconnected, unaddressed and thereby rendering their therapeutics ineffective to say the least.

For example: it’s so easy to tell someone to put a lame dog to sleep…until that lame dog happens to be your own.   In spite of all the difficulties it may cause, one is willing to endure the hardship of caring for the dog rather then have it gone forever…totally because of emotional attachment.

Having suffered battery myself, it is unfortunate but true to say that beatings do not remove emotional bonds.  Only by putting hundreds of miles between me and my abuser, was I able to discover the science of separation, or what some know as “out of sight, out of mind.”  It is a mental science based on universal law that requires a specific period of time before the ethereal magnetism diminishes between two people; a period of no less than 3 months. It most definitely is NOT something that can simply be turned off just because the person one is emotionally attached to has done something grave and unforgiveable…though it is intangible, emotion it is the most vital aspect of abusive relationships.

Nothing is going to change with the current social landscape of undeveloped consciousness rampant in America because emotional responsibility and management is not taught in our schools. We teach punishment, so in anger, our young people express punishment; give and take.

Now, let’s GET REAL.  The saddest aspect in watching these women trying to convince young girls that only low self esteem would cause her to stay with a man that hits her. Every SINGLE WOMAN PRESSED THE “LOW SELF ESTEEM” ISSUE was wearing fake hair, and/or fake nails, and/or fake lashes, and/or fake make-up. Many of the outraged women have fake breast, or fake lips or fake something…along with a few nips and tucks…YET THEY DO NOT “UNDERSTAND” why young girls grow up with such low self-esteem!

Need I say more?


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