The Innocent of Death Row: Troy A. Davis

Troy Anthony Davis is an African American man who has spent the last 18 years on death row for a murder he did not commit. There is no physical evidence tying him to the crime and seven out of nine witnesses have recanted. New evidence and new testimony have been presented to the Georgia courts, but the justice system refuses to consider this evidence, which would prove Troy Davis’ innocence once and for all. CLICK HERE TO SIGN HIS PETITION


Troy Antony Davis

Troy Antony Davis


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  1. I am sure if you knew all the evidence you would not be so hasty to claim Davis did not do it. The ACLU and NAACP have also put alot of pressure on the witness’s to recant. I am also sure that if this had been a white male killing a black officer, the white male would have already been executed. The new DA, Chisolm of course will be forced to re-open the case, only because the black vote is what put him in office. Davis can’t be executed fast enough for me, as I was working with Mark yhe night he was killed. There are plenty of web sites that show the physical evidence and prove Davis was guilty, without witness tetimony.


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