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  1. planned parent hood does not kill african americans. the people who use planned parenthood services do. dont blame a company for doing something that makes money and provides a service that people want. get mad at the people who use the service not the people who preform it.


    • Dear Ann, based on your reasoning statement, you are ill prepared, uninformed and problably too emotionally undeveloped to have this debate with me. However, woman to woman let me say this: any company that extracts a living being from a woman–especially a young confused woman–for a profit is an atrocity—NOT A SERVICE. For that said company to promote, encourage, and provide MURDER makes it the KILLER not the person they convinced has no other option. The Fact that more African American girls are being driven to these death dens than any other nationality is a dynamic I don’t think you are ready to understand.

      As a woman I am a life-giver, co creator with the Divine purpose of the feminine and so are you how then if you but only know the power of life could you stand for an organization that literally trashes life–for whatever reason?


      • I agree with you 100% Ms Melanian. I don’t agree with Planned Parenthood supplying these services. I know that if a girl or woman wants to have an abortion they are going to do it regardless, but let’s not promote or encourage our young African American woman to kill there unborn. Let us, instead promote the other options that are out there. I think that some of using abortion as a form of birth control, and birth control should start way before heading to the abortion clinics.


      • Thanks Taysha. I believe Planned Parenthood plays a major part in Abortion being a form of birth control by making it so available to those with the least education and stability on other options. It further promotes under age sexual activity by making it so easy for “Young” teens to get sexual aids and services (such as an abortion) without having to inform their parents as well as this “Morning after” pill that has caused reproduction health problems in these young undeveloped girls. Considering that, Planned Parenthood also obstructs the rights of parents and the state to prosecute some illegal sexual crimes perpetrated on youth such as older men/women knowingly having sex with a minor–the parent never knows the child is having sex with Planned Parenthood in the neighborhood…great aid to pimps as well.


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