Million Man March 1995

In 1995 nearly 2 million African American
men converged upon the National Mall in Washington DC on a call to re-commit to
their responsibilities to themselves, their families and their communities.

It was a statement of unity, a stance of determination,
and a pledge of change.  16 years later failure
to stand by that pledge has allowed more disunity not only to creep into what
remains of our communities which are now being disbanded and restructured across
the nation; but to creep further into disunity among our relationship  with each other, our families and especially our

Since 1995 you have allowed more guns to
creep into your communities and fall into the hands of your abandoned sons to
the point now that more of your children are dying daily then the annual casualties
of the war in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq combined.  You have become fathers chasing each other’s
daughters like slabs of meat; and you leave your mothers to fend for themselves;
and you are still spewing from your mouths, “what the white man won’t do for
you”  but no one will do more for you
then you are willing to do for yourself.
THE ONLY REASON your condition has worsened is because you are in
violation of your pledge to take responsibility.

It’s not about what religion you practice
or whoever dictates what leaders you follow;
it’s about ALL of us coming together IN UNITY, to change what we all
know is wrong within ourselves, our families, and what’s left of our

Philadelphia is hosting the 16th
Anniversary of the Million Man March; the city where 67%  of African American manchildren will not live
to see the age of 35 primarily because he has been left to fend for himself in
an environment that seeks to destroy him.  They need to see your presence and know you
care.  If you can commit to a day of
sports or a night of clubbing; you can commit to attend this event!  I hope to see you there.

In 1995, not only did I sacrifice to send
my two oldest sons and a nephew to attend the Million Man March, it was NOT AN
OPTION.  Not only did it change my sons
lives personally and make men of them, they committed to community and everyone
who knows them can attest to that fact.
In fact they are sponsoring a free ride to Philadelphia on a chartered
bus for anyone who wants to attend they are also selling tickets for the
convention center and sponsoring any youth from the NEPA area that wants to

If you are an African American man and you
find an excuse not to attend….SEND SOMEBODY.
Encourage somebody to go. Pay somebody’s way.  If you are an African American Mother with
sons…make it NOT AN OPTION!

“If at first you don’t succeed, please try again.”

the commitment now:  Please pass this on
to everyone you know.


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