I just got this email in one of my accounts; thank goodness I do not have the kind of relationships that would end with anyone calling anything other than the same name they adored me by…(Smile) I immediately suspected it must be a virus and deleted–then researched it to find I was right.

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Ok I am going to have to say it….I can’t believe I got this “RE: break up” e-mail in every Hotmail account I have and that is saying a lot. Due to the fact I have way more then a few….hanging around….

This is a clear example of how e-mail can hurt anyone if targeted right…and that target. The masses of course anyone and everyone. Who may or may not have an X boy friend or girl friends and we all know. We probably have one or more then one person, that may want to take a chunk out of us just for giggles.

Here is a copy of the offending e-mail received by my crew (Warning please do not try the URL/Hyper link inREDIt will infect your computer it is…

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