Don’t Blame the BRIDGE

75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge

Excerpt from LA Times: 

As San Francisco hosts a citywide birthday party for the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary, one thing that won’t be celebrated is the fact that the bridge continues to be the world’s top suicide site. Since it opened on May 27, 1937, there have been an estimated 1,600 deaths in which the body was recovered, and many more unconfirmed.

This Story Focuses on the “FATAL FLAW”  of the Golden Gate Bridge as per:

The alarming number of suicides, year in and year out, tells the dark history of this iconic public structure. While we rightly admire the bridge’s beauty, grandeur, engineering and construction, how do we come to terms with its terrible allure? How do we calibrate its value as a world treasure against the real tragedies enacted on it?

The Golden Gate Bridge is a public health hazard; it doesn’t have adequate safety barriers. The Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Duomo in Florence, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and many other international landmarks have suicide barriers. But not the Golden Gate Bridge.

MsMelanian at 11:54 AM May 29, 2012

Are you Serious???  Blaming the Bridge for suicides is RIDICULOUS and evidence of the social disorder and disease of this society…to care about putting up safety nets without caring about why so many people would rather kill themselves than live in this world…is a sign of the demise of compassion.

If you want the safety net funded immediately; throw a dog over or let one jump since that’s all American people really care about.   I just watched the “Human Experience”  wherein a homeless woman discribes how people came to the aide of 2 homeless dogs out in the freezing weather with her were rescued from the cold while leaving her standing.

It’s not about fixing bridges to be suicide proof; it’s time to fix society so people don’t need to kill themselves for relief from it!


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