The History of Presidential Clemency Actions

Pardons 2


Presidential Clemency actions includes pardons, commutations, and remission of fines.  Following is a list of Presidential Clemency Actions since 1977 to present.


Jimmy Carter  – Petitions received:    2,627           Petitions Granted:  566

Ronald Reagan – Petitions received:  3,404           Petitions Granted:  406

George H.W. Bush – Petitions received:  1,466     Petitions Granted:  77

William J. Clinton – Petitions received:  7,489       Petitions Granted:  459

George W. Bush – Petitions received:  11,074       Petitions Granted:  200

Barack H. Obama – Petitions received:  4614         Petitions Granted:  9


For a complete list and breakdown  of presidential clemency actions including the names and charges of clemency recipients visit: