PROFANE MEDIA: Media helps Police Justify Using Normal Procedure on ARMED GUNMAN

You may find that my previous video post, “San Diego Police Subdue Armed Man in Mission Bay” is requiring viewers to find the video on YouTube by owner’s request.  I URGE YOU TO DO SO. Then watch the following even if you have to take the same steps.

The normal behavior of the police officers was so disturbing in light of the recent murders of several Black teenagers by police officers, who could just as well have used bean bags to subdue their victims, that this news station goes above and beyond the call of duty in building the character of this white man who was treated as a valuable American Citizen.

Whereas this should be commended; it adds lighter fluid to the fire of the injustice of using deadly force on unarmed Black teens/people in America.

Following is the miserable media clean up to make this man who went to his car, pulled out a handgun, in an area with hundreds of children around, pointed the gun at police for a period of 10 or more minutes before one officer decides to shoot him with a bean bag…then they all wait for over half an hour…afraid to approach him because HE STILL HAS THE GUN IN HIS HAND…I mean, the police waited for this armed man to GET BACK ON HIS FEET!!!

Please note how they build this armed gunman’s character to justify normal procedure which they do not execute when dealing with citizens whose lives are a minority in this country.   This is what I call Profane Media!



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