South Carolina State Trooper Shooting: Another Coward with a Gun

Let’s call a spade a spade; white men are extremely afraid and envious of black men and black male children.  Even with the authority to freely harass and violate people he obviously considers as less desirable citizens; this trained state trooper exemplifies the characteristics of a COWARD.  It is unfortunate that the descendants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade; also identified as African American citizens; are at the mercy of such cowardice rampant in the police forces of the United States.  These forces are filled with angry white men and women who are otherwise useless in society and seek the opportunity to hide behind uniforms and guns to take revenge on those that pose a threat to their inferiority complexes.

Here is an unedited version of what took place on this infamous day without the clean up witnessed on news stations such as CNN which hides/deletes the full dialogue of the victim who tells the real story that every black person in this country faces.  CNN did not deem it important to let people know that this man was just getting off work; nor did they want it known that in spite of being shot for taking his seat belt off before turning off his engine, that the cowardice criminal disguised as an officer had the audacity to handcuff his victim while he lay wounded and bleeding awaiting an ambulance.

I am highly disappointed in CNN’s newscast for being unable to resist trying to point out some merit of heroism on behave of past deeds by this angry white coward who used his position as a means to violate people he is afraid of and dislikes.  The fact that this officer was fired and put in jail overnight is not justice even if he is facing 20 years which we all know by now will never happen. the only justice for a man in this position of authority who clearly violated his trust is the DEATH PENALITY.  News stations are going to try to steer the way we should think of the appropriate outcome in hopes that we will forget by the time they sentence this punk and release him for time served even though he will not serve time.  Video cameras is a godsend but news cover ups must end!


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