Chick Fil A Bans Employees from Using Slang Words: But Ads say “Eat Mor Chikin”

I absolutely agree that workers should be professional in their words and deeds when representing the company or restaurant they work for and I understand the frustration of Eric the manager.  However, what I find ironic this the name of the restaurant itself not being exactly professional in its own spelling and, well, then there are their ads of cows that can’t spell..what can ya say?

Words Banned from Usage while at Work

Words Banned from Usage while at Work


The list of unacceptable slang workplace phrases is headed by the command:  “You will speak properly when you walk through these doors.”  Or they will lose their free employee meal, which is peaceable to being fired.  the manager, known only as Eric, had apparently had enough of the lack of professionalism coming from his crew, so he decided to create this list of banned phrases that his workers were forbidden to ever use while on the job.




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“Eat Mor Chikin” refers to an ad slogan used by the chicken-centric fast food chain featuring cows that are often seen wearing signs that read: “Eat mor chikin” in all capital letters.

The list, posted by the user that goes by the name of Mauser last Thursday, included a list of  22 phrases and words such as “bae” (“baby”) “ratchet” (ugly, gross) and “bruh” ( brother) that workers were reportedly prohibited from using while on the clock at Chick-fil-A. In the post, which has received over 1,300 comments, Mauser claimed that his manager—referred to as “Eric”— told employees they could no longer use them.



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