Slingshot: Black Pope says to Black President…

“The US has to stop acting and reacting like the big boy of the neighborhood of the world. This leads inevitably to abuse, harassment and bullying of the weaker members of the community.” –Adolfo Nicolas Pachon, Superior General of the Jesuits

Adolfo Nicolás Pachon, otherwise known as the Jesuit ‘Black Pope’, is a mystery man, also considered the most powerful man in the world, who almost never directly steps out of the world of religious rule. But when US president Barack Obama said he was going to launch a missile strike on Syria in 2013, Adolfo Nicolás Pachon spoke up. Within 24 hours, Obama backed down.

Before critiquing the proposed U.S. strike in Syria, Nicolás Pachon, who leads a 17,000 member order of the highest ranking Jesuits, said he does not usually make comment on political situations, but that “in the present case we are dealing with a Humanitarian situation that exceeds all the limits that would ordinarily keep me silent.”

Known to the Spanish-speaking world as el “Papa Negro,”  Adolfo Nicolás Pachon, publicly accused child murderer/human trafficker, resigned as Superior General in 2014 after standing trial for crimes against humanity.


Slingshots: A slingshot on Melanian News is going back to older news stories that have a powerful sting in the present. It is the kind of occurrence that provokes culmination of thought and curiosity.  (-:…or something like that..:-)   This is one of them. no speculation. no judgment. just think about it. –Would love to hear your thoughts.


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