mad black

Chances are you get up every day and go to work for white people,

Everything you own of value you bought from white people,

You only shop in white people establishments,

Your designer bags, clothes, and shoes that you’re so proud of are made by white people,

You celebrate white people’s holidays,

You send your children to be taught by white people,

You only trust advice from white people,

And you are up to your neck in debt to white people,

or trying to be,

So stop complaining about white people ;


Black People can develop in the United States an economic nation within a nation, able to work through inner cooperation to found its own institutions, to educate its own youth, and at the same time, without mob violence or extremes of race hatred, to keep in helpful touch and cooperate with the mass of the nation as well as expand globally in independence.


“The peculiar position of Black people in America offers an opportunity.  Black people today cast probably 2,000,000 votes in a total of 40,000,000 and their vote will increase.  This gives them, particularly in northern cities, and at critical times, a chance to hold a very considerable balance of power and the mere threat of this being used intelligently and with determination may often mean much.  The consuming power of 2,800,000 Black families had long ago been estimated at $166,000,000 a month—a tremendous power when intelligently directed.  Their manpower as laborers probably equals that of Mexico or Yugoslavia.  Their illiteracy is much lower than that of Spain or Italy.  Their estimated per capita wealth about equals that of Japan.”

with the exception of replacing “Negro” with “Black People”  these are the words of WEB Dubois 70 years ago.  Therefore we have but to recalculate our consuming power from 2 million (black families) to 38 million (fragmented individuals) and update our estimated $166,000,000 million a month consuming power to nearly $ 2 billion a month; to realize a potential that far outweighs the mindset of every racist on this planet if we but stop focusing on them and start spending on us.

WEB Dubois also said:

For many years it was the theory of most Negro leaders that white America did not know of or realize the continuing plight of the Negro.  Accordingly, for the last two decades, we have striven by book and periodical, by speech and appeal, by various dramatic methods of agitation, to put the essential facts before the American peopleToday there can be no doubt that Americans know the facts; and yet they remain for the most part indifferent and unmoved.

And he went on to say:

For a nation with this start in culture and efficiency to sit down and await the salvation of a white God is idiotic.  With the use of their political power, our power as consumers, and our brainpower, added to that chance of personal appeal which proximity and neighborhood always give from human to human beings, Negroes can develop in the United States an economic nation within a nation, able to work through inner cooperation to found its own institutions, to educate its genius, and at the same time, without mob violence or extremes of race hatred, to keep in helpful touch and cooperate with the mass of the nation.  This has happened more often than most people realize, in the case of groups not so obviously separated from the mass of people as are American Negroes.  It must happen in our case or there is no hope for the Negro in America.

Any movement toward such a program is today hindered by the absurd Negro philosophy of Scatter, Suppress, Wait, Escape.  There are even many of our educated young leaders who think that because the Negro problem is not in evidence where there are few or no Negroes, this indicates a way out!  They think that the problem of race can be settled by ignoring it and suppressing all reference to it.  They think that we have only to 3wait in silence for the white people to settle the problem for us; and finally and predominantly, they think that the problem of twelve million Negro people, mostly poor, ignorant workers, is going to be settled by having their more educated and wealthy classes gradually and continually escape from their race into the mass of the American people, leaving the rest to sink, suffer and die. Proponents of this program claim, with much reason, that the plight of the masses is not the fault of the emerging classes.  For the slavery and exploitation that reduced Negroes to their present level or at any rate hindered them from rising, the white world is to blame.  Since the age-long process of raising a group is through the escape of its upper class into welcome fellowship with risen peoples, the Negro intelligentsia would submerge itself if it bent its back to the task of lifting the mass of people.  There is logic in this answer, but futile logic.

If the leading Negro classes cannot assume and bear the uplift of their own proletariat, they are doomed for all time.  It is not a case of ethics; it is a plain case of necessity.  The method by which this may be done is, first, for the American Negro to achieve a new economic solidarity.

shut up about white people


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