“SHE” is the Real Problem in the Black Community!

As angry as I am by the actions of police killing black men; This is the epitome of my anger!  I have seen nothing worse than this!

This is a sorry excuse of a mother!  She should be locked up for abusing and degrading her son in public like that.  If you want to know the real problem going on in the Black community that is it right there; the insidious behavior of black women who show more anger towards her own children than any brutal police ever could. she is the type of mother who has destroyed the hope and dreams of her sons long before a cop could get to him; she is the reason all he wants to do is hang out in the streets and hurt the next kid who looks like him; and if this is her expression of love, she is more than likely the reason his father is not in his life!

It is a mother like her that is the reason young black boys like him cannot grow into responsible men! She is the one who should be protested against!  She is the kind of mother who will call her babies bad before they can even walk, and will tell her babies to “shut their “black asses up” before listening them; she’s the kind of mother that will send them in the streets unprotected and leave them at home all alone, she’s the kind who will try to make her son tough by beating him down!  She is the kind of mother who will spend more time in the mirror than with her children, she is the kind of mother that won’t show up at school unless ordered by the courts and she probably can’t even name the teachers who are teaching him.

 I guarantee you this sorry mother never had a conversation with her son about what to do this day of mourning or ever had a conversation about what’s right or what s wrong on any day and here, I bet, this young man took it upon himself to stand up for something he believed was right (though obviously  without the proper guidance he needed)  then this so-called mother shows up like a wild animal to beat him down for his best effort to do what he thought was right.

And right now she is probably proud of her behavior because of  everybody who is as sick as her is giving her accolades for her horrendous behavior and sick method excused as caring enough about her son to stop him from protesting.  Any mother that condones this behavior of this kind of poor excuse of a mother; beating down and humiliating her children; her trusted treasures from God; is a sorry f**king mother!

It is sad, these are children growing up without proper guidance and protection then suddenly the world turns against them because they don’t know how to be adults or how to respond to the frustrations that overwhelm them from birth by having mothers like that and a world like this who hate them so much they want to kill them—all they ever needed was a hug, some food, and encouragement—but because of mothers like these they have to turn to gangs for the first sign of love, acceptance, and protection.  If it were not for mothers like this…racism would be a day in the park.  Everyone in this nation should be ashamed of all their, “they should,” or “need to be” theories because this is what WE ALL HAVE DONE to the black children born in this country!

Because of so many mothers like her, our children are growing up abused, alone and afraid and they are frustrated and broken by the way they are treated from babies to teens, they get no guidance or protection in their community or schools; and are often attacked by their own parents and families for every effort they make to learn their way through life.


The Ex-Black Woman


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  1. Thank you sister for answering a question that had been plaguing me for a while, as to why our black males are ending in such bad situations. I never had a child, but I do have a nephew in prison, and sad to say, my sister was part of the problem, but not all of it. So the challenge is to empower and educate with love, patience, and understanding.

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  2. My thoughts. I tried to give her the benefit of doubt because i never ever was in a situation like that with my sons but i know i would not have handled it like this. Her behavior is indicative of how she treats her children and YES,I AGREE THAT IS A HUGE PROBLEM. We know better than that now. Our parenting skills should not be basic and reactionary. Shes a ‘hero’ this week but had this been a month ago Fox news would be calling her an animal 😑

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