Historical Achievement! Gangs Coming Together

This nation is made up of many gangs; primarily the Reds, a.k.a Republicans and the Blues, a.k.a. the Democrats.  If you can overlook the “systemic” lack of institutional education of these young men in the video speaking of a power we can barely understand because of what media has implied to us as unacceptable; you can understand that what these “organized groups,” a.k.a. gangs are moving towards is a worthy, historical achievement that should not be overcast by a media that chooses for us what should and should not be important (such as a mother abusing her child being called “Mom of the Year”)

 When we consider all the organized groups of this nation we can come to terms with the power of organization.  However what we are led to believe are acceptable organized groups is a matter of perception; a perception guided by medias ability to force our reasoning.  For example we are watching the mass corruption of leadership in our government inciting wars and pandemics against rival leaders, killing masses of innocent people then calling them terrorists because they disagree or fight back for their land and rights.  Our senators and congressmen and other titled officials violate the trust of American people every day for their own personal gain, but we accept it and overlook all this corruption supported by other corrupt organizations called superpacks, political parties, etc., because the media directs our attention to this as acceptable; the norm.

Children imitate life naturally, and out of necessity are drawn to form groups of their own just like the adults; this is especially recognized in poor and black communities where parents were snatched away by ill-lawful enforcement or destroyed by the infiltration of drugs, the criminalization of fatherhood, and the poorfare degradation of mothers; leaving the members of these organizations to be detrimentally misguided.  But this systemic tragedy is upheld by the media guiding our perception of what’s right and what’s wrong by using names to direct our attention to their focus of  what’s good and what’s bad; such as thugs, and gangs–whose activities are no different than republicans and democrats if you seriously think about–the only real difference is the clothes they wear…fact is, the “accepted Reds and Blues take our money whether we like if or not and we hand it over for fear of going to jail even though we know they aren’t representing us right?




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