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Not only do the police have every right to be furious about this horrific display; African Americans should fervidly demand this exhibit to come down immediately!  It is a mockery of the value of black lives to display a replica of a dead black man for exhibit.  For the family of Michael Brown to approve of this indignation is an atrocity and indicates their inability to say no to foolishness.  The case has already received national attention; his story has already been told and there is no reason to believe this is important to the awareness by any means.

The white woman who created this outrageous display obviously knows how wrong it is because as of right now, her name is being withheld.  If she or the gallery hosting this horror thought this was art her name would be prominent in these reports.  This is nothing but a ploy for an unknown gallery and untalented artist to get attention.


(CHICAGO) – A new art exhibit about the Michael Brown police shooting in Ferguson is on display in Chicago.

Far from being a “racially divisive” piece as some police officers on social media have claimed, the artist is a Caucasian woman from New Orleans.

The piece features a life-size portrayal of Michael Brown after he was killed last year in Ferguson.

It also includes a black statue of liberty, and a noose dangling from a neon sign.

The exhibit also features a plaque with the words “I Can’t Breath”; referencing the Eric Garner police involved death in New York.

The white artist claims it is meant to highlight racial disparity. She says it represents white privilege in America and how it negatively affects the black community.

Brown’s aunt is praising the portrayal.

“His story needs to be told. I think the world and the community need to understand what happened to Michael,” Sheila Morgan, Michael Brown’s great aunt.  “If it happened to Michael, it could happen to anyone.”

Brown’s mother is expected to travel to Chicago to see the exhibit for herself

The exhibit runs through August 10th.


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