Lynching Epidemic: White American Conspiracy

Lynchto seize somebody believed to have committed a crime and put him or her to death immediately and without trial, “usually” (but not always) by hanging.

Conspiracya secret plan or “agreement” between two or more people to commit or allow an illegal or subversive act.

Constitutional RightA constitutional right is a legal right of its citizens (and others within its jurisdiction) to be protected by the laws of a sovereignty’s constitution (including fair trial; Article 3 section 2).


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Black Americans who are being killed by the police are generally regarded as low life criminals with behavioral problems; a menace to society who disturb the peace.   Because of this regard, by evidence that can be found throughout the justice system and by their own opinions strewn all over public and social media, white Americans are in agreement that no wrong is being done when black people are killed by police officers before a trial is received because they “believe” a crime was committed or because they were offended by the behavior of the person killed.

Thus, when it comes to Black Americans, by secret agreements and cover-ups to override the rules of engagement in police departments and the judicial system, it is evident that white Americans purposely disregard their own laws; laws that they set for themselves as the constitutional rights of an American citizen to have protection and equality under the law; this is overt discrimination by all accounts and must be viewed for what it is whether the perpetrators or their cohorts admit it or not!

THIS IS LYNCHING that the white American Public AGREES with and APPROVES through the courts in spite of the fact that it is illegal by the United States Constitution. Not one politician, all of whom is elected to uphold the Constitution, has stood up publically to condemned this unconstitutional behavior of the authorities over the people, which makes it evident that it is condoned by our government and further proves that we have no representation, and no protection from the threat and terror impending our daily lives in these United States of America; who brings sanctions against other nations for doing the very same things they are deliberately doing to a segment of their own population. THERE SHOULD BE NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION AND SANCTIONS SHOULD BE BROUGHT AGAINST AMERICA FOR ALLOWING THIS EPIDEMIC OF LYNCHING TO CARRY ON.

If you are not a white American conspirator or cohort you need to do more than sit back as if nothing dreadfully wrong is happening. We need your voice to override the millions of white Americans condoning this behavior under the cowardice of anonymity and the pretense of Supremacy.



The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) works closely with governments and stakeholders to help countries around the world meet their economic, social and environmental goals.

As the Secretariat entity responsible for the development pillar of the United Nations, our work addresses a range of cross-cutting issues that affect peoples’ lives and livelihoods. From poverty reduction to governance to finance to the environment, DESA’s work is about human progress for all, especially the most vulnerable. We are fundamentally concerned, not only with global prosperity today, but also for tomorrow.

DESA’s work is guided by the United Nations development agenda, which is rooted in the values of equality, solidarity, tolerance, respect for nature and mutual responsibility. Furthermore, with a focus on equitable participation by all people, the United Nations development agenda has unique, universal legitimacy.

Our vision for human progress goes beyond promoting global agreements and is fundamentally about action. Working closely with governments and other partners, DESA seeks concrete solutions.  We are committed to addressing the world’s most pressing concerns and taking the necessary steps to help create a better world for all – a world that is inclusive, prosperous and sustainable.

Maybe they can help!  They should at least be made aware.

IF YOU FEEL YOUR LIFE MAY BE IN DANGER BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN, OR IF YOU WANT TO END THIS ATROCIOUS EPIDEMIC PLEASE SEND A LETTER TO UN DESA : Feel free to copy and paste my above statement as your concern.   And please help bring this to the attention of all concerned organizations, the ACLU and, etc., etc., because the American government has shown no interest in this serious matter of endangerment to Black lives.






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