No Gun Recovered at Scene of Murdered Paralyzed Black Man

Wheel chair murder


SHOW ME THE GUN!  As more reports flood in about the senseless killing of another black man in America, there is not one mention of what would be vital evidence that the police had reason to fear for their own lives.

After killing a defenseless man in a wheelchair the fact remains that a gun was not recovered at the scene of the crime; and the crime being malicious abuse of a position as police officers.

According to various reports and the cellphone footage of Wednesday’s incident in Wilmington, Delaware, showing a police officer repeatedly shouting “Show me your hands!” at 28-year-old Jeremy McDole, sitting in a wheelchair on a street behind a car in broad daylight.

A single gunshot is fired by the officer, after which the officer continues to yell “Show me your hands!” adding “Drop the gun!”

Several other officers are then seen rushing to the scene, yelling “Hands up, hands up, put your hands up!”

Gunshots are heard ringing out several seconds later, causing the victim to slump to the side and fall out of the wheelchair.

It was not clear from the video whether the man, who did not raise his hands as ordered, actually had a gun in his possession. He was pronounced dead at the scene but no gun was recovered.


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