One Million Black Women to Stand Off at the Rally Against Beyonce

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On Tuesday, February 16, 2016 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM One million Black women to Stand off at the Rally Against Beyonce at the NFL headquarters in New Your City: 345 Park Ave – 345 Park Avenue New York, NY 10154

Join thousands of Black Lives Matter activists and Beyonce Fans on Tuesday morning as we show solidarity and support for the powerful statement that Beyonce made in both her video and live performance of “Formation”. Let’s get in FORMATION and take a stand for Beyonce.  Let’s rally against the rally!  She spoke for all of us… Now let’s speak for her!

Wear All Black Attire.

Why do we need to do this?

A large group of people are planning to rally at the NFL Headquarters on Tuesday, Feb. 16 in opposition to Beyonce’s video and performance at Super Bowl 50 for her new song “Formation”.  These people claim that Beyonce has demonstrated racism and hate against law enforcement.  They are demanding the NFL to ban Beyonce from the Super Bowl.  THEY ARE DEAD WRONG.

To Register please click the link below:



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  1. OMD Shes helping you guys and this is what she’s getting WOW. grow up and see the real problem, yeah you may not have the power to fight, but DO NOT stand against those who do. whats wrong with you ???? She’s making a change and yet your idea of a fight is to fight against beyonce one of the most influential black women alive, wow. Imagine if men did this for martin luther king , we would have gotten nowhere, talk about not supporting your own. those who join are clearly acting within the label set by them by society, its sad



  1. One Million Black Women to Stand Off at the Rally Against Beyonce | Melanian News
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