More like a Plantation Party than the Oscars

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If this sounds racist …then “looks” are very deceiving!  I try to give everyone the benefit of doubt; but Sunday’s Academy Awards show left no room for doubt or the elephant!  Taking the line from SNL, the Oscar producers have “lost their damn white minds!”  If this did not resemble the grand ole plantation parties of a past that we thought were “gone with the wind” then history has no past and black people certainly have no future in this country if they don’t wake up from this.

I can imagine it must have been lucrative offers made to all the black servants of the academy awards guised as hosts to make them jump on board this outrageous fiasco. However, in hindsight if they do not feel used to the core, aren’t rethinking Jada’s plea, and are not hung over by the puppetry of strings that made an outright mockery of their service then they are utterly without conscious, useless even unto themselves, and should be hauled off to the eternal hall of shame.

The arrogance to hire an overabundance of black celebrities  then make fun of the unfair, unjust representation of black people by mimicking the fact that they are purposely ignored, and  limited in the film industry is an abomination that should not be overlooked even for a paycheck.  And if this is Cheryl Boone Issacs idea of not inviting the elephant next time maybe she should tell the elephant.

The New York Daily News believes “CHRIS WENT TOO FAR” for telling lynching jokes but I think he went too far by replacing the vicious bear attack with an “angry black woman.”

My question to the black hosts and guests and to the President of the event, how did it feel to watch that absurd depiction of the black woman; a portrayal of your mother, sister, daughter, wife, as a vicious grizzly devouring a man?  What do you think that represents?   Did you laugh along with your white peers?  Or did you feel that pang in the pit of your stomach that says you need to get a backbone and walk away from these insidious people who make slight of your dignity as a fellow human being?  At the end of the night did you feel like shoe polish was smeared on your face?  Are you still trying to wipe it away?

All of Rock’s epithets were obnoxious and if the executives of the Academy Awards had any real respect for the current climate of racial unrest in the nation they would not have allowed him to use the demoralizing caricatures as a representative joke on Blacks in the film industry.  Instead, their failure to see anything wrong with it and to put it off on him as the person responsible and in charge shows the true nature of their mentality towards African Americans.  Maybe Rock’s goal was to sabotage the Oscars, (at the expense of his own people) but even so, he’s now on my ‘black’ list, though ultimately I don’t blame him.  That would be like blaming President Obama for the war in Iraq.

I agree with Mee Moua, who heads the group Asian Americans Advancing Justice, that the show was a setback for diversity; to say the least.

Moua further stated that, “it is to all of our detriment to look at race narrowly. We need to work together to dismantle the systems that devalue the experiences of minority groups so we can see the tales of the diversity that have shaped our nation reflected accurately.”

I may be the only one, but I assure you, every black host of the 88th Academy Awards lost my respect and I refuse to watch any show they are in again unless and until they make a statement against the horrid audacity of the producers and executives of that abominable Plantation Party.

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The annual Tree of Life Awards, launched in 1981 at a time when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences rarely recognized black achievements, is considering coming back. It was formed at the time when only 27 African Americans had been nominated in the 52-year history of the Oscars, with only three winning. The awards, known as the Black Oscars, ended in 2007 because blacks continue to prefer recognition from white society to feel valued.

But with the academy nominating an all-white slate of actors for the second year in a row, Gil Robertson, president of the African American Film Critics Assn., says the circumstances that prompted the Black Oscars are prevalent again.


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