Woman Molests and brutally attacks Daughter on Video!

This is the most disturbing video I have ever seen! This mother literally molests her teen daughter on camera then brutally attacks her at the end.  The daughter is traumatized to the point of believing her mother has the full right to do so. WARNING: The video is disturbingly graphic but for the sake of this young girl and all children who are victims of molestation and abuse this video should be watched in its entirety then followed up by sharing this with any known authority sources that can help to find and arrest this woman and save this teen.

The video was recorded in May 2015, however I have found no evidence across the internet of this woman being apprehended and charged for her abhorrent behavior and horrendous treatment of her daughter. I take this as a human obligation to try to save this girl from her sadistic parent.  Please Join Me!

What I have found disturbing is that many people have shared this and made comments to express their contempt or horror but from the few I read they did not seem to realize the extent of the crime they were witnessing.  THIS WOMAN DESERVES A PUBLIC HANGING!

What we must realize from this is the true horror some children face in this world.

Also please let me know if you have found that she has been arrested, what her name and location is if you know it.

UPDATE:  I have found out the names:  the teen’s name is Enosha Jones and the monster mother is Natasha Booker

Apparently Ms. Booker thinks she is GOD and labels herself as RahRaw.  She’s got it backwards in my opinion – she is DOG.  She promotes pornographic videos using her under-aged daughter.


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  1. Have you heard any updates, I also cannot find any news that this woman has been apprehended. And I saw some posts that suggest there may be a younger female sibling also in the home.


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