Baton Rouge “Feel the Pain” Boycott

Baton Rouge boycott

Black leaders of the local NAACP, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Nation of Islam called for a boycott on two malls in Baton Rouge, as well as Wal-Mart stores to lean on authorities to arrest the two officers implicated in the shooting death of Alton Sterling. The limited boycott is set to end midnight Sunday.
They held the news conference at the Triple S Food Mart on North Foster Drive, where Sterling was shot and which has been the scene of protests, memorials and news conferences all week.
“The reason we chose the two malls and Wal-Mart is because that is where most of our people shop,” said the Rev. Reginald Pitcher, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference president for Louisiana. “So if we withdraw our financial support there, the people downtown will feel the pain we’re feeling here.”


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