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The Black man is the wealthiest man on this planet in terms of his natural endowment. He is the most well-endowed of all other species of men.  He inherited the richest land on this planet, the only continent literally rooted to the core of the earth, pocketed with an abundance of gold and encrusted with actual crystalized rays of the sun; a.k.a diamonds;  a land with deep reservoirs of pure melanin seeping down into the core of the planet.

Yes think about that.  We call it fossil fuel, black gold, Texas tea; the crude oil that comes from plant and animal life…and organically, we are animals too. So in all actuality that crude oil is pure melanin.  Proven by the elemental compounds of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen; from which it is structured.  Melanin is combined of C18H10N2O4  which is the very same combinations in crude oil.

The wars going on right now is a fight to steal and control that very substance that makes the Black man & woman supreme over all other beings.  A substance so powerful it can animate man-made machines. The substance that must be present in all living matter to survive including the less adequate. All races have about a teaspoon of melanin in an area of the brain called the Substania Nigra which powers the mental ability and nervous system agility.  A depletion of this melanin during the process of aging is what causes Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and all other motor and mental skill depletions…which is one of the primary reasons our aborted fetuses are so valuable to the medical market in their quest for a cure.   

Others are hunting for it, killing for it, digging deep in the earth for it; But we own it in abundance and in a way that it cannot be stolen from us because we are the deep rooted heirs of this earth, the direct descendants of the strongest, most vital, immortal substance in the universe.

Above it is called dark matter, below it is called crude oil, and on this earth within the form of God it is called Melanin!

when President Obama put a tax on tanning it was a profound statement against the man without color.  Knowing that with all the money in the world, they still cannot have what they long for the most. And they envy our abundant supply: that is why they are in the tanning salons everyday…so much so that just from the taxes on what they pay to have a tiny bit of color — the US will raise over a quarter of a billion dollars in revenue each year.  So we just need to know thyself and understand that if Melanin is powerful enough to animate man-made things…what it can do for us when we activate within ourselves.


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