Judge a Country by her Candidates?

trump thumbs up ugly donald

Trump is a tyrannical Misogynic narcissist suffering from senility. He is a racial phobic bully, who wants to build walls to keep immigrants out while being married to one who dons the covers of pornographic magazines.

He degrades women that don’t live up to his pedophilic standards of beauty seen in the Miss America pageants he pimped for 19 years before dumping them last year for America herself; to use as his biggest whore.

It amazes me to see so many women cheering for this autocratic bigot just because he’s republican; which ironically makes him a befitting candidate for such determined ignorance — especially considering the alternative is a battered woman who has lowered her tone so much it is now deeper than her husband’s was when she stood behind him in an affair with Miss Lewinsky.  If a country be judged by the leaders they choose, it is fair to say America has lost her damn mind.


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