Missed in Simpson’s Eerie Prediction of Trump’s Campaign

In the Simpson’s prediction 15 years before Trump’s real campaign, the true-to-life scene also shows the crowd holding signs that read, “PAID.”

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign jumpstart in 2015 was widely mocked, not only for the rambling diatribe he used to launch the campaign but for the actors he paid $50 apiece to cheer for it. Journalists responded in a joyous frenzy when it was revealed that the Trump campaign hired actors to attend his rally, lighting up Twitter with jokes at Trump’s expense and “You’re Hired!” headlines. The incident was even memorialized with its own coy shout-out by The Simpsons.

Phony support can generate buzz and media coverage for any campaign— and Trump’s genius obviously has morphed into real support which was widely unpredicted.

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