They Can’t Work until 14, Can’t Drive Until 16, Can’t Vote Until 18, Can’t Drink Until 21; but They Can Own a Gun at 6

There are age restrictions on the freedom rights of American youth based on laws that take into consideration the stages of their ability to reason and their mental maturity or lack thereof; yet long before their undeveloped brains have reached cognizant sensibility they are legally permitted to own a gun.

Among similar laws in every state of the Union, recently the Iowa House of Representatives passed this law extending NO AGE MINIMUM in a vote of 62 to 36, even after such tragedies that occurred at Columbine and Sandy Hook schools.

In the all-girl gun club, the Austin Sure Shoots, Trainer Nikki Jones says the club is strictly for sport, however one of the “Golden Rules” is, “Never point your gun at anything you aren’t going to kill or destroy,” quite a dangerous sport for a 6 year-old.


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