Black & White American Flag with Blue Stripe

Blue Lives Matter

Blue Lives Matter

In the aftermath of recent attacks on the lives of police officers allegedly sparked by overwhelming accounts of police brutality and unjustified shootings captured on video, many supporters of law enforcement have started a trend across the nation by brandishing an eerie looking US flag on their homes and vehicles. You may have seen the black and white version of the American flag with one blue stripe going through the middle. These flags signify support for Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs), and are meant to demonstrate that Blue Lives Matter.
One flag manufacturing company, Flags Unlimited, says the significance of the flags is this: “The Blue represents the officer and the courage they find deep inside when faced with insurmountable odds. The Black background was designed as a constant reminder of our fallen brother and sister officers.”
Many people oppose altering the flag in any way and consider this defacement akin to flag burning, however families and members of law enforcement appreciate the gesture as recognition and appreciation for the hard job LEOs do.
The disturbing downside that’s rising with these flags is that some who brandish this symbol of solidarity do so out of opposition to organizations that protest against the killing of unarmed Black men, police brutality, and mostly so to intimidate supporters of the Black Lives Matter Movement.
What makes this flag threatening to all is the assumption that standing up against the prevalent police brutality targeting black citizens equates to being totally against LEOs in general, thus a person feels he/she must pick one side or the other; however, this is not an election, nor is it a choice any American citizen should have to make. Wrong is wrong done by anyone and if those we select to correct the wrong are allowed to get away with doing wrong we jeopardize the lives and dignity of the good officers dedicated to justice.  Justice matters so if we close our eyes to this very real problem how then can we claim All Lives Matter.


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