Tobacco Facts #6: Tobacco company CEO salaries compared with those of tobacco farm workers

Money up in smoke: Cigarettes @ $8 pk per day = $240 per mo = $2,880.00 per yr. Meanwhile: Cigarette CEOs earn salaries upwards $12,000,000 a year and don’t smoke!

The Great Tobacco Plague

It must be quite a life being an executive, especially the CEO, of a big tobacco company, with the wealth they must accumulate from their huge salaries. Well, when I say quite a life, I mean quite a material life. I wonder, though, how their spiritual or psychological life is. Can you really be happy when you KNOW that the products you’re selling are the number one preventable cause of death, disease and suffering in the world?

In 2011, the annual base salary of the chief executive of British American Tobacco, which sells Rothmans cigarettes (among others), was £1,290,000 (about $2 million), though this appears to have been subsequently reduced to a meagre 1,000,000 GB pounds.

The BAT web site adds, “In addition to basic salary, the Executive Directors receive certain benefits in kind, principally: a car or car allowance; the use of a driver; the installation and/or maintenance…

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