Melanian News began in 2002 as a community Newspaper featuring Positive role models of the African American and Latino communities of Northeast Pennsylvania.  The publication successfully eliminated the label “undesirables” openly used by the local media sources to describe the influx of “minority” families moving into the area as part of the expansion of corporations relocating to the region; bring with them, their diverse work forces.

May/June 2005 Edition

May/June 2005 Edition

The success of the change was accomplished primarily by educating the native residents and the new families arriving, with broader ideals of inclusion and acceptance. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission awarded the publisher for, “Bridging the gap to understanding in Diverse communities”. Melanian News continues online to nurture a broader interest of local, state, national, and global issues that can positively affect greater outcomes for our human relations.

PA H-M Award


 Financial Institutions would not back the S-incorporated publication owned by a single Black woman with five children in spite of the increasing growth so DV Boone created an annual Festival of Unity attracting even more diversity into the community with participation from the African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, Asians, Germans, Italians, and Muslim communities.  The event supported dozens of the local non-profit organizations, featured local talent performances and activities for the entire family.



 Due to lack of financial support from the community and the lack of organization with human resources, the festival was unable to develop its fullest potential to fund the Newspaper circulation and in 2011 all operations ceased.  This website is all that remains and continues the goal to educate, inform, and highlight the role models who inspire their communities. 

The editor has faith that one day the right people with the same vision will come together and continue the journey of Melanian News.



  1. Thanks for following me. I really liked the post about “Stop Talking about White People” and the quotes by DuBois. For years I have said that in some ways integration was not good for the black community. Because it did remove the lawyers, doctors, teachers, and entrepreneurs from black communities and led to this increasingly alienated so called “black underclass.” And has also resulted in many of us not growing up in black communities, like me. And now I live in Alaska – a beautiful state, but white as snow. As long as we continue putting out energy and thoughts for a new black renaissance that is political and economic as well as artistic it will manifest. We do have people out there on the front lines presenting the truth like the Alexander lawyer and her book too.


  2. This sounds much like a publication started twenty-five years ago in my former community, Madison, Wisconsin. Umoja, a monthly publication, is the brainchild of Milele Chikasa Anana. Though, I moved from the community more than seventeen years ago, I still subscribe monthly to the publication because I lived there for more that thirty years and will always view it as home.


  3. Greetings, Greg Woodyard here. Glad to see the future is in good hands. Loving the blogg! As more and more people move into NEPA the affects of such demographic shifting will create a large and more profound footprint. I am sincerely proud of your papers forward movement and remember the conversations about following your heart regardless of the visible barriers. There will always be strong passions and stronger friendships for me in NEPA but I had much more to do then could be done there. Bless you.


    1. Hello Greg,
      It’s Good to here from you! The visible barriers are a piece of cake…It’s the invisible one’s that I’m having the hardest time with. But I have a dream that one day, the content of our character will bring us together!

      Keep in Touch! Diane


      1. 2015 I’m in awe first of all the time that has past, but more so that we still have deep within us a burning desire to be of good service. Keep your peace within burning and your efforts will always have fuel.


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