Melanian News is moving forward as a paramount media syndication of reliable information to promote and encourage the empowering imagery and  presence of Melanian people.

Who are Melanian people?  They are people anywhere in the world who are the descendants of sub-Saharan Africans.   In America, Melanian people are primarily from the indigenous natives and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Contributors wanted!


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  1. Thanks for following me. I really liked the post about “Stop Talking about White People” and the quotes by DuBois. For years I have said that in some ways integration was not good for the black community. Because it did remove the lawyers, doctors, teachers, and entrepreneurs from black communities and led to this increasingly alienated so called “black underclass.” And has also resulted in many of us not growing up in black communities, like me. And now I live in Alaska – a beautiful state, but white as snow. As long as we continue putting out energy and thoughts for a new black renaissance that is political and economic as well as artistic it will manifest. We do have people out there on the front lines presenting the truth like the Alexander lawyer and her book too.


  2. This sounds much like a publication started twenty-five years ago in my former community, Madison, Wisconsin. Umoja, a monthly publication, is the brainchild of Milele Chikasa Anana. Though, I moved from the community more than seventeen years ago, I still subscribe monthly to the publication because I lived there for more that thirty years and will always view it as home.


  3. Greetings, Greg Woodyard here. Glad to see the future is in good hands. Loving the blogg! As more and more people move into NEPA the affects of such demographic shifting will create a large and more profound footprint. I am sincerely proud of your papers forward movement and remember the conversations about following your heart regardless of the visible barriers. There will always be strong passions and stronger friendships for me in NEPA but I had much more to do then could be done there. Bless you.


    • Hello Greg,
      It’s Good to here from you! The visible barriers are a piece of cake…It’s the invisible one’s that I’m having the hardest time with. But I have a dream that one day, the content of our character will bring us together!

      Keep in Touch! Diane


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