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Car transport in Delhi

There are a few moving organizations in the Country giving extraordinary Car Transport Service in Delhi and have a broad system too. Some believed organizations are offering incredible administrations from Delhi to any piece of the nation at moderate rates. Not, just this they additionally give auspicious administrations to the individuals that had been searching for moving their significant vehicle to an alternate city. There are some confirmed vehicles moving specialist organizations that can offer comprehensive bundles so you don’t need to worry about anything by any stretch of the imagination.

Service provide by the Transport Companies

While managing confirmed specialist organizations you find a workable pace one that you feel is directly for you. These organizations have a talented group that will take great consideration of the client’s vehicle. For moving car/bike they use trailers that are made particularly for moving vehicles securely. You can likewise request insurance that will help you with any financial misfortune that may happen in the event of any mishaps or undesirable circumstances that may prompt vehicle harm or misfortune. The best part about the Packers and Movers in Delhi is that they have a prepared group with extraordinary aptitudes that handle the vehicle well. Likewise, they utilize innovation for a protected vehicle moving. The entirety of this prompts the convenient and safe conveyance of the vehicle. Interestingly, you will have the option to follow the vehicle anytime that you need and be loose as you will know about the vehicle area consistently. Along these lines, simply fill the structure for vehicle migration.

Vehicle transportation implies moving your vehicle starting with one spot then onto the next, much the same as moving of the furniture of your home. Numerous huge organizations give this administration and assurance a totally sheltered and secure conveyance of the vehicle in its best condition.

With regards to sending your vehicle to a far away goal, you have two choices with you. The first is to sit behind the haggles other one is to go for proficient transportation organizations. Sitting behind the wheels is laden with bunches of risks that are totally unforeseen to us. The same number of people is unconscious of these likely threats in our manner; we will in general pick do it without anyone’s help shipping techniques by sitting behind the wheels.

In the event that you are making a mood to transport your vehicle over a long-separation, you should thoroughly consider it again as in the long-separation venture, you may get worn out and there is an opportunity of getting marks and scratches.

Climate mishaps are additionally an incredible issue when we choose self-driving our vehicles like Car, and bicycle. Hailstorms, sea tempest, overwhelming floods, and so on are a portion of the regular disasters that can stop your direction and prevents you from arriving at your next goal.

So one should check all the details of packers and movers before hiring them to avoid any mishap

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Sandeep Chauhan

My name is Sandeep Chauhan, and I live in San Francisco, Bay Area with my beautiful wife and a 16 month baby (born Sept 2017). I am a technology architect, product manager, co-founder, and a developer with 15+ years of experience. In my career, I have created more than 200+ mobile apps and web applications. Some of these companies have gone ahead and raised many millions $$ funding. I have been fortunate enough to be a co-founder in few of these successful companies. You can get my contact information from my App Development Company in California Website. You can contact me on social media, email, phone, text. I am available almost all the time.

Learnings from Different People

I have run a successful business for the past 5+ years. During this time I got the opportunity to work with numerous very intelligent and motivated people. Some of them are already successful in their careers. Others are working hard to move up the chain. Its fascinating to see how much innovation and difference people can bring to the world. A good number of my clients / partners are Entrepreneurs. Their life and approach to life is an inspiration to many.

In my work journey over the last several years, I have learned many good things from a lot of people.On the other hand, there are times when you end up meeting with and talking with people who you regret that you ever met them. They take advantage of you and even worse, they try to hurt you! Its important to stay away from them and no matter how distracting it might be…keep sharp focus on the goals.

Love for Work

I absolutely love the work that I do. Every single day, I meet with highly energized entrepreneurs and innovators who want to change the world. You can also Follow Me on My blog Its very infectious! Even working some crazy hours (on average 12+ every day), I do not feel tired or let down. This is because the exciting possibilities of innovation keep me driven towards future!

Learn from Mistakes

We are humans and therefore are bound to make mistakes. Making mistakes is not an issue….making same mistakes again and again is an issue. Its important to learn from the past wrong steps and put measures so that same mistakes do not happen again.

Many a times, things are out of our control. We meet up people who are “toxic” or we come across situations where its impossible to come out untouched. I have never met a person who has not faced adversaries, or who has never had failures. Failures are a part of life. Its how we handle our failures and convert them into opportunities that makes or breaks us!

Moving forward…

If you are reading this post then most likely you have come here searching for me or my company. I would like to hear from you, and have a meeting with you about your startup. Its good to collaborate. Making connections is a good thing. Even if we do not end up working together…I would still like to be in touch with you! Its a small world…we do not know when our paths will cross again! But when they do…I would like to say Hello to a potential friend who I came to know long time ago!

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TS2 SPACE in the fight against coronavirus in EU

Due to the wide range of satellite telecommunications services provided for entities of strategic importance to Poland, TS2 SPACE has been included in an official list of key entities vital to the operation of critical state infrastructure. The list is maintained by the Government Centre for Security and includes companies that are not part of the critical infrastructure, but are vital to ensuring continuity of its operation. This is of particular importance in supporting activities related to the prevention, counteraction and eradication of COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them.

– We always make every effort to ensure the highest level quality of telecommunications services provided by our company. This has earned us the trust of our customers including not only industrial enterprises and state institutions strategic for the country, but also private companies and individuals – says Marcin Frąckiewicz, CEO.

The critical infrastructure is vital to the functioning of the state and the lives of its citizens. For example, critical infrastructure includes health protection and rescue systems, fuel, energy, food and water supply systems. As a result of force majeure events or as a consequence of human activities, the critical infrastructure may be damaged and its operation affected, endangering the lives and property of citizens. At the same time, those events may affect the economic development of the country. This is why the security of critical infrastructure is one of the top priorities for Poland.

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Minor blastoff startup ABL Space Systems to examine spaceship hardware at the Edwards Air Force Base

Research of three years and development contract signed in the month of July 10; however, AFRL did unveil it until January 9 at the syndicate’s request

WASHINGTON- The Research Laboratory of The Air Force proclaimed on January 9 that it signed a contract with the small launch startup ABL Space Systems to mutually develop and test spaceship propulsion components for the future use in launch cars. 

A cooperative research and development three-year contract, or CRADA, SIGNED IN 10, July 2019, but AFRL failed to reveal it until now at request of the firm. 

The founder of ABL and chief monetary officer Dan Piemont confirmed to Space News that the syndicate did not want the announcement of CRADA until test events were underway at the Air Force Base test location 1-56, of Edwards in California. 

Based in El Segundo, in California, former SpaceX engineers formed ABL in 2017 to create low-cost sendoff cars for the minor satellite industry. The syndicate’s RS1 car built to lift to 1,200 kilograms into the low earth orbit at the cost of $12 million per sendoff. 

ABL broadcasted on July 22 days after they signed the cooperative contract with the AFRL, which the Lockheed Martin Ventures would be a stakeholder in the syndicate. 

Nils Sedano, who is a technical adviser on spaceship propulsion systems at AFRL, confirmed to Space News on nine, January that the ABL has “come in and proven their presence at the area 1-56 of the AFRL spaceship propulsion division. 

AFRL is the leading spaceship propulsion scientific research as well as development center for United States of America Air Force.

Sedano said that in the next 3 years, AFRL would examine test data offered by ABL as part of a broader effort to discover new methods to launch payloads faster and on short notice. He added that rapid launching capability is crucial for the ongoing and forthcoming missions needed by the Air Force. AFRL is also concerned with additive engineering knowledge developed by ABL. 

Sedano stated that a primary capability that AFRL likes to demonstrate with ABL is distant launch. He added that would permit the military, for instance, to launch payloads into the space from austere sites.  A distant launch is a specific area of focus of this CRADA. 

Ongoing launch amenities typically fixed locations with on-site workers and support substructure. 

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A class of space explorers to join Artemis-era operations immediately after their graduation

The 22nd class of space explorers tagged as ‘turtles’ graduated on 10 January from primary training and were qualified for assignments of trips to space. There was a celebration occasion held at Johnson Space Center located in Houston to honor the 11 Americans, all together with two Canadian Space Agency (CSA) space explorers, who skilled them. 

Mark Geyer, who is the manager of Johnson Space Center, said that the recent two years, the very group of graduates reported at Johnson for their very first time as well as they already came with very inspiring recommences. As for now, they are part of a selected group of people eligible for journeys to space and prepared to go through various exercises for the coming operations awaiting them. 

Geyer said that the graduates are debuting on a journey, which will take on expeditions of surveys, just as humanity has never experienced before. 

The new class of graduates comprises of seven men and six women. It extends the active cooperation of the members up to 48.  Currently, CSA has now doubled up its positions to four with graduation of this, the fourth group of astronauts. 

The selected in 2017 from the record-setting pools of the candidates form new space explorers who are the first to receive their astronaut pins under Artemis Operation of NASA. The program anticipates landing the first woman and the next man on surface of moon by 2024. The members of the class maybe among the first cosmonauts to travel to surface of the lunar after a program of Apollo, which took place 50 years ago. They may also receive a task of lifting off to International Space Station onboard United States viable crew space ship.

The group is a depiction of the first wave of Artemis group of cosmonauts belonging to NASA. Adding to the voyages on International Space Station, those space explorers could take one day, in reality, walk on the surface of the lunar as one of the Artemis missions, and possibly, one of them could be the first human to walk on the surface of the Red Planet. 

No one can comprehend the first class being in the generation of the Artemis mission. Artemis is goddess of the lunar. She is the ‘torch bringer,’ and we perceive the light we will bring not only to the United States but also to the whole world. 

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A question of extra support for cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a computer-generated property, which has developed to be a means of business, financed by the security of algorithmic code. The cryptocurrency makes sure the safety of business transactions, controls over the formation of new coins, and verification of property transactions. 

Cryptocurrency uses regionalized control as opposed to traditional banking firms and gets sponsorship from the power of the blockchain, a conveyed account book. The record book works as a catalog for all business transactions, which cannot undergo any adjustments for anyone to access the records at any point in the period. 

Such characteristics of the digital coin make it secure and safest means of transactions. Although, to preserve such transactions privately, the authorities prevent disclosing the name of the sender and the receiver to anybody as well as the computer-generated currency to prevent frauds from hacking down the systems of any government organization. 

The reason why cryptocurrency gains a reputation

Even though computer-generated properties lack any support from any country, they have gained popularity since their inception in 2009. Below are the reasons behind cryptocurrency’s reputation. 

  1. Superb Technical strength: digital properties have the backing of present technologies, which keeps it safe, and aids in securing the privacy of the customer. All transactions of cryptocurrency have their record on a regionalized computer-generated record book, and it cannot be interfered with and alleviate at any given opportunity.
  1. Higher demands: there is a significant increase in demand for money devoid of any political impact or influence from the business. Cryptocurrency lives up to this demand and, in turn, increases the claim for the currencies, even if the stock is inadequate.  
  1. All-in-one transactions beyond limitations: the computer-generated currencies are of a regionalized way to enable transactions from one state to the other with no much disturbance or monitoring interruptions. Crypto transactions are usually instantaneous, as there is no third party involved. For this reason, it is also general for Bitcoin nightclubs where the majority of online gaming clubs have embraced cryptocurrency as a way of transaction for their games like Plinko.

Cryptocurrency developed as a safest and clean means to fiat money. Several huge names have become part of the lobby entities and folks alike. Firms such as Facebook and Twitter are even aiming to launch their digital mark, and many celebrities support this particular move.

Cryptocurrency needs aid to grow its frontiers. Supports from authorities would increase the confidence of people in digital coins as well as the streamline of transactions. In addition, there is a need for hardware backing to increase the amount of Bitcoin in the flow of operations. 


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SpaceX becomes the biggest operator of the globe’s biggest commercial satellite constellation with the Starlink Launch 

WASHINGTON- SpaceX lifted off 60 of its broadband satellites of Starlink, on a Falcon 9 spaceship on January 6, becoming the machinist of the globe’s most significant commercial satellite constellation. 

The Falcon 9 spaceship launched at 9:19 p.m. Eastern from Florida’s Cape Canaveral on the first launch of the year of SpaceX. The syndicate’s 60 satellites of Starlink designed to offer high-speed internet connection, detached from the upper stage of the spaceship about one hour after. 

SpaceX lifted off the satellites to the orbit of 290 kilometers, where the syndicate will implement checkouts before launching them to their ultimate 550-kilometer orbit. 

The fairing-catcher ship of SpaceX dubbed “Ms. Tree” unsuccessfully netted a firing half after the sendoff. 

The spaceship’s initial stage landed on drone vessel “Of course I Still Love You’’ located in the Atlantic Ocean, finishing its fourth task. SpaceX used the identical booster to lift off 60 Starlink satellites to a low orbit of the Earth on May 10 last year, Iridium Next Iridium satellites in January 2019. In inclusive was Telesat Canada’s Telstar 18 Vintage geostationary satellite in the month of September 2018. 

SpaceX has since hurled 182 satellites to space for Starlink, calculating two prototypes the syndicate orbited closely two years ago. 

 Not confirmed if all the 182 satellites of Starlink are among the constellation, SpaceX plans to start service with later in the current year. Several ten satellites of SpaceX May 2019 Starlink sendoff did not reach their final operational orbit.  This is according to a January 2, a report from Jonathan McDowell, who is an astronomer from Harvard-Smithsonian Center for the Astrophysics. He trails the movements of satellites.

In July, SpaceX stated that the three satellites of Starlink failed soon after the sendoff and that the other two vigorous satellites would deliberately deorbit as practice. The syndicate did not reply to an inquiry by SpaceNews on January 6, as to why ten satellites were not able to reach their target orbit instead of five.

Irrespective of whether Starlink has 172 or even 182 satellites, SpaceX still obscures Planet that has a 150 remote sensing satellites constellation. They are record holder for the globe’s biggest commercial satellite constellation. 

SpaceX seeks to deploy its initial 1,584 satellites at around 550 kilometers to gear service rollout and decrease the danger of creating orbital debris. At such altitude, any satellite of Starlink that flop would automatically deorbit from the atmosphere within 25 years. This is a guideline proposed by NASA and fellow space agencies. 

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Combined NASA-Boeing crew to inspect Starliner flight test anomaly 

HONOLULU- Both NASA and Boeing will collaborate on an inspection into a timer anomaly that stopped the December’s uncrewed flight test of the CST-100 Starliner spaceship belonging to Boeing as NASA considers whether to need another such flight test. 

NASA stated on a 7 January statement that the agency, together with Boeing, was founding a “joint independent investigation team” to decide the critical cause of the timer difficulty the Starliner agonized immediately after its 20 December sendoff on what was a mission of eight days to the International Space Station. 

Boeing afterward stated that the operation elapsed timer on the space ship went off by 11 hours, leading to the spaceship to believe it was in the wrong phase of its operation instantly after parting from the upper stage of the Atlas 5 that hurled it.  The spaceship fired its thrusters in response to the improper time, and by the time the space ship controllers on the surface could take control, the spaceship had consumed much propellant to enable it to berth with the station. The spacecraft alternatively landed safely at White Sands located in New Mexico, on December 22. 

The combined investigation, NASA confirmed in a statement, would pursue the primary cause of the timer anomaly and also inspect any other issues of software and endorse corrective actions to implement proceeding to starliner ferrying people. NASA stated that it approximates the team would take two months to finish its job. 

While the investigation is underway, NASA would separately investigate if a second uncrewed flight test would be required before permitting astronauts to fly on the spaceship. The agency confirmed in its statement, a process anticipated to take some weeks that the approach of NASA would be to see if NASA and Boeing got enough statistics to validate the overall performance of the system, including sendoff, on-orbit missions, guidance, navigation and control, docking/undocking to the space station, landing and reentry. 

NASA stated that the uncrewed flight test named Orbital Flight Test did not reach or dock with the station. However, statistics from the uncrewed test is crucial for the certification. It might not be the lone method that Boeing is capable of demonstrating its complete system capabilities. 

The Commercial Crew Transportation Capability deal that NASA gave to Boeing needed an uncrewed flight test that comprises of a docking. Nonetheless, the Administrator of NASA Jim Bridenstine proposed at a post-landing 22 December briefing that NASA might not hold Boeing to the requirement. 

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MNRE gives out a draft outline for Round The Clock (RTC) production of renewable energy

The Ministry of New and Renewable ENERGY (MNRE) of India has produced a draft policy for conveyance of round-the-clock (RTC) power from reusable energy missions complemented with solar power missions. The policy addresses some of the problems related to reusable energy, such as intermittency and reduced capability of consumption of transmission organization. 

The contrary bundling would help in reducing the general price of pay for power and achieve the round-the-clock needs for discoms. It would as well as increase the penetration of reusable energy and overcome the problems related to intermittency. In addition, it will aid discoms to achieve their reusable expenses. The discoms can buy industry for power at a high price to attain their shortfalls and replace unaffordable electricity generated from operations of thermal power productions. 

Below the draft guiding principle, discoms would not be accountable for practicing missions to fit in reusable energy into the system and the accountability to complement renewable energy with power from the solar, which primarily depends on the generator. The generators have to convey electricity to the system in a way that out of the sum power conveyed in a year should be at least 51 percent, and comes from reusable and the remainder, from sources of power produced by the sun.

The generator can incorporate power storage to make sure that it attains the minimum requirements of yearly availability of 80 percent. For the case of a deficit below 80 percent of annual availability, those in charge will charge a fee to the deficit of 25 percent of PPA pricelist. The cost will also be charged if there is a shortfall in the conveyance of the renewable energy below crucial 51 percent of the sum power conveyed in the year of partnership. Again, the fee would charge 25 percent of the PPA tariff.

On the other hand, if the planning of the electricity is not on the list, it shall be legally responsible for paying the generator. Under the current policies, the compensation given out for restriction of reusable energy is currently at 100 percent of PPA pricelist for solar energy, the capacity fee is paid too. There is a reward for reduction at a complex fixed fee.  

The implementation of reverse bundling will achieve several aims, such as ensuring the off-take of conventional fossil energy-based fuels, making sure RTC conveys electricity to the discoms for some period, and finally increasing the consumption of the system by heaping together power from the sun with intermittent energy.

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‘Pin’-nacle Accomplishment: The Story behind a pin of the NASA astronaut 

January 6, 2020- They have finished their elementary training and qualified for mission duties, but before NASA’s latest group of spacemen as well as women could term themselves as astronauts, they require one more thing- a tiny lapel pin containing a long history. 

NASA is set to advance the 22nd astronaut candidate class on 10 January. The eleven Americans and two trainees from Canada will all receive and an astronaut pin, which signifies their eligibility for forthcoming flights to International Space Station, Artemis moon missions, and perhaps journey to the red planet. 

“Forget gowns and caps. They would get spacesuits,” NASA wrote about the ceremony scheduled at the Johnson Space Center located in Houston.

The graduands silver, star tipped pins branded, as diplomas are part of the tradition dating back almost 60 years ago.

Unifying symbol

The pioneering astronauts of NASA, Mercury 7, were the first to get and approve pins as their status symbol.

As testing pilots, the astronauts of Mercury got their wings from their corresponding branches of the United States of America military. On December 6, 1961, Virgil “Gus” Grissom and Alan Shepard, the pioneer Americans to go into space, offered with the United States of America Navy and Air Force’s first wings of astronauts, respectively, at a combined ceremony held at Pentagon. 

The wings looked like the two branches aviator badges. However, they modified them with the device at their center, including a star with five points with three sprawling rays transitioning through a halo. 

For their Civilian wear such as a business suit, the astronauts of Mercury wore a merging pin. The pin merged the sign for planet Mercury with the numeral seven of Arabic, as the human spaceflight program of NASA expanded. Although, required a new pin. 

The May 13, 1964 Issue of Space News Roundup newspaper read that twenty-nine astronauts of NASA wearing a new emblem, casually signifying the Mercury-Gemini-Apollo flight teams unity. The newspaper learned that the design displays a trio of routes merging in endless space, capped by the bright star, and circled by an oval wreath denoting flight of orbit. 

The astronauts themselves chose the new astronaut pin that got its design from the badge of the military. They decided the pin at a come together planned by the pilot of Mercury, Wally Schirra. 

A silver type of the lapel pin, such as the version presented to the Group 220 candidates on Friday, signified the race of basic training. 

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NASA loses the trace of small Exoplanet-hunting satellite

NASA just lost the trail of a small satellite placed in an orbit to hunt for extraterrestrial planets for more than two years.

ASTERIA or Arcsecond Space Telescope Enabling Research in Astrophysics is a CubeSat space ship that looks like a briefcase. Experts made it for searching alien planets with the help of scientific instruments and components. Scientists anticipated ASTERIA revealing to them the number of small ships that researchers used for the search of the alien planets. 

The last time experts heard from ASTERIA was on December 5 last year when it lost its communication and exact location. Ground troops on earth will go ahead in attempting to trace the ASTERIA until March this year. As for now, since ASTERIA is out of trace, the craft that lifted off on November 20, 2017extended its two months, whose primary objectives were to reach into space and make explorations. In addition, the crew flew in an extension of three operations. During this period, it discovered an Exoplanet 55 Cancri following the completion of its operation. This earned it ‘Mission of the Year’ during the Small Satellite Meeting, which was held in 2014. 

On January 3 this year, staff members of NASA said that the CubeSat revealed its possibilities for small satellites to support the hunting operation of massive planets, for instance, the current Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite of NASA (TESS) or the present-day defunct-Kepler space telescope. 

ASTERIA explored many of the nearby stars and displayed successfully that it has the capabilities of achieving precision measurements of the stars. Having the information, researchers examine for the presence of depressions in the light of the stars, which would serve as an indication of a revolving planet passing in the middle of the satellite, and the stars, a method known as ‘transit. ‘However, the information from the operation is under establishment to assert if the ASTERIA spotted any alien planets. 

During the extensions of the operation, ASTERIA performed some experiments and the self-directed technologies by using manufactured intelligence programs. The small craft used the techniques to explore points such as earth, a comet, a space ship in the geosynchronous revolving path, and stars that may have hosted orbiting alien planets. 

This particular operation was a result of a partnership between NASA and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a facility where Sara Seager, who is astrophysics, serves. The stretched operations partly received some funds from Heising Simons Foundation, which then lends a hand to businesspeople that help in the fundamental science research. 

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2020 Goals of SpaceX hindered by 2019 outcomes

SpaceX bounces into 2020 with luminous goals of launches, a space ship, and other plans. However, the prospects regulated by what the entity has achieved, and it failed to meet some of its ambitions of last year (2019). 

SpaceX plans to engage its first lift of this year, 6 January, where Falcon 9 lifts off on its third attempt set of 60 Starlink satellites. The lift-off will be part of the many four launches that the entity has performed in January. It will also entail two other Starlink operations and an in-flight abort experiment of the Crew Dragon space ship of the entity, which the firm scheduled it to launch on 11 January. 

Setting out of the Starlink broadcast constellation will be the main lift-off business that belongs to the entity to occur this year. During the World Satellite Business Week meeting held in September, the leader and chief operating officer of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell said that the lifting off projects of the firm are many and total up to 24, and Starlink aims to engage in these operations this year. They aim to place enough satellites into the trajectory, so make the structure ‘economically viable.’  This was a statement of Elon Musk, who is the founder of the entity and Chief executive officer before the first Starlink lift off in May last year. 

The rate of that lift off, among the operations for NASA, the United States Air Force, and commercial partners, which entail its new Smallsats rideshare schedule, are supposed to slow the entity to go for a rest following slow progress in 2019. Even though SpaceX did 21 lift offs back in 2018, only 13 operations became successful in 2019, which is a decline of approximately 40 percent. That entailed a program that took three months, which is a space between the launches in August and November last year, the longest interruption from the pre-lift off eruptions of Falcon 9 while transporting the Amos 6 satellite in September 2016. It smashed the space rocket for over four months. 

During the period of the World Satellite Business Week meeting, SpaceX had performed only ten lift offs, and Shotwell said that the entity anticipated carrying out seven to eight more operations before the year comes to an end. The activities also entailed four operations of the Starlink. The firm failed to achieve its goals since it carried out only three lift offs during 2019, one of them being Starlink. 

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Satellite pictures tell the biosphere stories of the last ten years

There has been zero shortage of great news in the previous ten years. Spanning the world, some stories expected as others caught the globe off guard. Some stories were so high they visible from space. They took via state of the art pictures satellite that belongs to a technology firm and imagery provider Maxar Technologies. Collected, The Associated Press, alongside Maxar, gathered a selection of the most amazing pictures. 


The year 2017, remained the time America’s tornado luck ran out. 

For more of the ten-year period that started in the year 2010, hurricanes with winds of about 11mph or more toyed with Florida and other United States of America parts but never made a successful landfall. For a fact, not one main hurricane hit the United States of America between the years of 2006 and 2016. The Colorado State University hurricane expert Phil Klotzbach referred to it as a fantastic streak of luck. 

When 2017 came, three massive hurricanes named Harvey, Irma, and Maria smashed into different parts of the nation. It caused a damage of about $265 billion in four weeks. 

Kerry Emmanuel, who is an MIT hurricane scientist, said that they set a disturbing number of hurricane records in the year 2017

The hurricane named Harvey parked itself over the state of Houston and released a downpour.  The downpour killed 68 people and set a United States of America record for recorded rain coming from a storm: 60.58 inches. Harvey made estimated damage of about $120 billion and ranked as the second-costliest United States of America storm behind only Katrina in the year 2005.

Hurricane named Irma came after the Harvey and stayed at maximum category five forte for the longest time recorded.  Irma came as the second most active hurricane recorded in the Atlantic, and it overwhelmed the Caribbean and cultivated into Florida. Irma made estimated damage of about $50 billion and ranked in number five. 

The most overwhelming came last: hurricane named Maria that leveled the parts of Puerto Rico. Scientists still have not agreed on the number of people claimed by the storm. Some estimates in the thousands. The hurricane Maria was the United States of America’s third costliest hurricane to hit with an estimation of about $90 billion. 

BP oil spill

The United States of America’s most significant offshore oil spillage started with an explosion that claimed 11 people. This occurred on April 20, 2020, on the deep-water Horizon drilling rig that was extracting Bp oil.

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ASEAN members are rapidly turning to renewable energy use

Favorable government policies and technological innovations are among the key trends anticipated to lead South Asia’s goal of developing renewable energy in the future.

The report published by KPMG, which is a global auditing firm with the title ‘The Renewable Energy Transition,’ noted that more than 70 million ASEAN citizens do not have access to constant electricity. There is a high potential for renewable energy in Southeast Asia, and a broad market and their government are currently turning to wind and solar power to deal with the issue.

Energy consumers are at the forefront to push the agenda, and the inclusion of new funds in the ASEAN renewable energy markets are the two new trends recognized in the report.

Each of the ten members of the Southeastern country has set targets for renewable energy, and the innovations in technology such as the development of efficient solar power and floating solar panels mean that renewable energy is highly accessible than in the previous years.

In the year2014, RE100 established in a collaborative global initiative that brings together more than 100 influential business that had to emphasize on 100 percent use of renewable energy. The above is a significant example of how the consumers help the government to increase demand for renewable energy because commerce and industries are using more than two-thirds of the electricity in the world. The companies in the group include Microsoft, Coca Cola, and IKEA who have strong affiliations in ASEAN.

In the ASEAN region, the World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Japan Bank for International Cooperation are the one on the forefront of investing in renewable energy; this has helped in lowering the price. The price of renewable energy was a significant issue, but currently, due to the fall of costs, the demand for renewable energy has increased, thus pushing the industry forward.

 According to Executive Director and Asia Pacific Head of Power and Utilities at KMPG, Sharad Somani, in the past five years, the price for renewable energy has dropped immensely and id projected to reach the cost of electrical power in the coming five years.  If the set goal is achieved, there will be more investors in the sector.

The report released in August 2018 by the Institution for Energy Economic and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) showed that the Philippines has 20 million people without a constant flow of electricity supply, and 12 million have no access to electricity at all.  Through the above-initiated electric-power will be highly reduced to 2.50 Philippine peso, which is $0.05 0er kilowatt (kWh) through installing rooftop solar panels.

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Ways of making Satellites Improve IoT Connectivity

As per the global statistics concerning internet connectivity, there are a high number of demands from the globe. It appears that the best way to make useful connections across the world is through a large community of satellites. 

The most noticeable trend will be full consumption following many years of stagnation around what IoT can bring about. Among the main reason behind this push is the increase in the number of internet connectors across the world since there are improvements and developments in the sector of satellite communication. In the past years, it was very hectic to use satellites, but with the progress and advances in the technology, it is easy as ABC for one to have the capability of using satellites for internet connection. 

The developments in the IoT have not stagnated or slowed down. Even if the users are having a problem in internet connectivity, for instance, production or manufacture, at the end of the day, there is the conveyance of more accurate information. 

Problems faced by History of Satellite IoT

It is challenging to coordinate the IoT Network since the IoT devices run from Machine-to-Machine (M2M). These connections carry little data with low speeds of transmission across the many other connected devices, and this becomes a problem. 

Satellites become overloaded, and in return, sensors send tiny packets containing data. Also, the number of sensors connected to a satellite represents every single satellite. 

Another difficulty is having more substantial control data for the establishment of an internet connection than the carrier data, which becomes hectic to connect to the satellite. Removing or reducing control data could result in sensors interfering with each other. There is also a problem of overloading the network, and as a result, there is instantly crashing in network connectivity. 

How satellite changes internet connectivity

Indeed, there is a high demand for internet connectivity across the world, especially in areas like productions and manufacturing where deices such large-scale agriculture, desert pipelines, etc. are involved. 

High throughput Ka-band and Ku-band connections work together in increasing connectivity across the globe. As a result, there is a creation of superhighway for IoT, whose origin is space. 

Together with developed structures of multi random access, satellites are useful in getting data from sensors by permitting each node to transmit several copies having similar information. The receiver deletes and extracts meaningful data and reduces access to connections. 

Currently, firms are on the process of making new systems to be used for interpreting data specifically for satellite connectivity within the IoT. 

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Can working robots make people less prejudice?

Computerization is changing America. Robots currently operate rescue missions and construct vehicles, and soon they may be helping in surgery and teach our children. More than 73 million people might lose a job due to automation by the year 2030, and economists have written in detail about the effects of this change in society. However, the automation may cause effects outside the American economy, and a few have deliberated how robots will transform America’s communal fabric. 

Andrew Yang, a Democratic presidential candidate, raised a possibility that automation will change against each other, stoking distrust and anger. In an interview that was attended by Yang last year, he claimed that what people need is self-driven cars to disrupt society. There are predictions that street riots will occur because the majority of people are working as truck drivers. 

Is the prediction for Yang Right? There are many reasons to trust that he is right. Previously during the technological revolutions, there was numerous joblessness that prejudice and discrimination. Industrialization in the United States of America in the late 19th century brought in a period of ethnic tension as the settlers from Eastern Europe and Asia received blame for accepting the job with low salaries. In Britain, during the early 19th-century, mechanization in the textile industry made the Luddites unite against the government of the day, which lead to stark class-based segregation and conflict in the rural.

From the research, the current change of issues due to the automation wave will not be different. In the study done in 37 countries, other countries noted that the nations with many working robots have increased in prejudgment and doubting of foreigners in the past 40 years. The states with many working robots have a high rate of unemployment, which correlates with bias.

Many politicians have ended up blaming immigrants for these increases in unemployment, even in places where automation has caused these changes. This automation has brought a tough question: if people are aware of the rise in the robot workforce, will they still react with Bias and prejudgment towards foreigners and those from minority ethnic groups. 

In our recent investigation looked at this question and revealed, that people’s knowledge of the growing number of robot workforce might advance the social relation. In our research, we carried out seven experiments that proved that when people are open to knowledge about the increased incidence of working robots, they would feel less bias toward people who come from the different demographic groups. 

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Bitcoin ransom has been demanded from the users of the ring cameras.

Hackers are using bitcoin to extract fees, to also blackmail people, and even demand ransom in exchange for information. Amazon and its minor Ring mostly sell these cameras as well. Ransomware attacks have increased in recent days. It attacks hackers of the ring cameras do infect the users’ devices. Then later, they convert their files, which contain their data. Finally, these hackers claim a bitcoin payment so that they can gift the target a decryption key. These attacks are immensely destroying, which is evident in Argentina after they locked the government information for ten years. Additionally, they claimed Bitcoin for the files to be refunded. 

We realize that several families from across the United States, have been affected, disturbed, and stressed by these online crooks who have hacked their cameras without their knowledge. More recent abuse of Bitcoin has been reported as a part of a lawsuit. It is then put against the Amazon and its subsidiary, Ring. These two companies, Amazon and Ring, are being taken to court for their shoddy work. They are accused of selling weak cameras to the users who have been affected by hackers.

These hackers have used the customer’s outdoor cameras for spying them without their knowledge. These customers are also complaining that online criminals have been talking to their children. They encourage behaviors that are damaging. Therefore, they are asking for help from the bitcoin ransom so that these hackers can leave them alone.

Hackers get easy access to these cameras since they operate through Wi-Fi, just like any other device. With the use of Wi-Fi, it means that they come with weak passwords that any criminal can use to gain access to the customer camera. However, the strength of the camera password is dependent on the users’ choice to secure their cameras’ easy access. It means that if the customer buys the camera and does not change the password, or changes to a weak password, it will be an easy task to hack and have its access. It is a significant disadvantage regardless of them being inexpensive, easy to install, and user-friendly to their customers.

This online criminal is very creative, as we have witnessed in the above cases when it comes to digging out cash from people. The hack devices that allow them to spy on the users who are innocent easily. They also request payments in the form of digital money, which becomes trickier to track as compared to traditional money. Most new technologies can be abused for individual achievement. 

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The reason why Atlas V rocket ride of Boeing Starliner is putting on a ‘skirt’ for its launch

The lifting off Starliner crew capsule of Boeing, which heads towards the International Space Station (ISS) on the morning of 20 December, is a big deal. The rocket of the spacecraft will be dressed for that event. 

Starliner has to launch on the top of a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Air Force station of Florida Cape Canaveral at 6:36 a.m. EST (1136 GMT), starting a crucial an eight-day journey, which has no crew for a display, project known as Orbital Flight Test (OFT). The event can be watched live web, courtesy of NASA Television. 

The Atlas V, which flies on 20 December, appears to display a different look as compared to the other rockets. The rocket has a unique “aero skirt,” which measures a 70-inch long (178 centimeters) layout placed inside the Launch Vehicle Adapter. It links the Starliner up with the Centaur upper stage of Starliner. This is a report as per the officials of ULA.

During a pre-lift off Council on December 17, John Elbon, who is the chief manager of ULA, said that the experts surveyed through the tunnel of wind during an attempt of initial assembling. The experts found out that without the ‘aero skirts, ‘the waves containing shock clanged near the bottom of the Centaur produce a bit of noise known as aero-acoustics. Therefore, the regions that are present there are far beyond the technical abilities of the hardware. 

Elbon went on to add that by adding the aero skirt, it smoothens the flow, and the waves which come off the front of the rocket are separated just beneath the Centaur. That prevents the acoustics noise; hence, they are now good to go. 

Boeing has been making STARLINER TO TAKE astronauts of NASA to and from the International Space Station. In September 2014, the entity received an award of $4.2 billion partnership for the Commercial Crew program of NASA. The company was given a task of winding up to the assembling project and fly at least six crewed missions to the orbing lab. Space X received an award of a $2.6 billion contract at the same time, which will come true by using its Crew Dragon capsule and Falcon 9 rocket.

Orbital Flight Test will record the first journey of Starliner, where it will journey towards the orbit. In case all goes as planned, Starliner will remain on the top for one week or more. 

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Highlights of discussion on the roles of the commerce department in managing traffic in the space

WASHINGTON- Language in the financial year 2020 spending bill ask with no demand that the Congress seems to be reluctant in the coming days of the department of Space Commerce Proposal, which entails handling civil space traffic some management activities. 

 A “minibus,” which contains the usage of charges, was relapsed on December 16. It includes budgets for the Commerce Office and $1.8 million for the Commercial Remote Regulatory Affairs (CRSA) department. That is equivalent to what Commercial Remote Regulatory Affairs got in the financial year of 2019 and a profit of $5000, 000 for the Department of Space Commerce.  

During the financial proposal budget for the year 2020, the office wants to combine the two departments and place them under the department of the Secretary of Commerce, having a total amount of $10 million. The department has been independently backing the law. The law would uplift the department to the Bureau of Space Commerce, ruled by a Senate-legal assistant secretary. The allowance budget, despite that it abandoned the proposals; it kept the two departments distantly and in their current area situated within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

The statement attached to the minibus, cited in the language of the parliament, talks about the expenditure bill of October. It raised doubts and questions about the plans to offer another task to the Commerce office to work for their citizens and commercial space traffic management. Space Policy Directive 3 in June last year (2018)  required industrial to take the lead of the work from the United States Air Force,  a procedure that is expected to take longer than expected.

A statement from the parliament state that the Parliaments Appropriations Committee invited senior managers from the Offices to talk to the people and give out their testimony about the proposals, which will enact the department of Space Commerce situated within the department of the secretary. This one sums up the topics that were under discussion. Nevertheless, the statement added that at the same time, those officials failed to become known and testify before the public. They were to prove the transfer of responsibilities of space traffic staff from their defense offices.

A report from the senate gave the offices the required directions, which will serve as a guideline to help them to join the partnership with National Academy of Public Administration. This will give them room to perform a one-year study of the proposed transfer of space on traffic management roles.  

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China in sandwiched between cryptocurrency and Blockchain

On 27 December 2019, China issued a stiff warning about the increase in currency trading activities in the country. The announcement made through a joint meeting among Beijing Local Financial Supervision Bureau, the People’s Bank of China Business management department, the Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, who had noticed that the increase of activities that cause the promotion of blockchain technology.

On October 25th, 2019, China president Xi Jinping issued a report for Chinese companies to stop the opportunity offered by blockchain technology. The market reacted with an increase in the price of bitcoin and growth in online searches on WeChat. The words that came from Chinese leaders were not new as in the past, and he called blockchain as ten times the importance of the discovery internet. 

It is complicated to support blockchain technology, and on the other hand, you discourage the use of cryptocurrency more so when the public has a platform such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. These two platforms are used in China and have a native token of cryptocurrency is used as an essential part of blockchain or distributed ledger technology. China has released Central Bank Digital Currency and has a mission for maintaining it, so it does not want any other platform for digital currency.  Cryptocurrency has traded the same way China has controlled the spread and use of the internet, the policy coming trading platform makes ow hard on cryptocurrency platform sense.

The majority of citizens in the U.S of America have noticed the effort should be invested in cryptocurrency and not on blockchain technology.  Although the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is not stable, they appear to swing like a pendulum. When bitcoin increases, it is all about cryptocurrency, and the emphasis on blockchain reduces. When Bitcoin reduces, the entire industry and developers quickly notice this, and their focus goes to the real gem of all technology. This is a technology that will transform the way people, process, and companies operate.

An article that was published recently on Forbes explained that China’s approach to Blockchain technology was winning, and the United States should give a keen focus. This article has made the U.S concentrate more on the findings, more as the discoveries of project Libra the made congress to put a keen eye on cryptocurrency and blockchain concurrently.

Due to the increase in several skillful congress members on dome changes in the market, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology seems to be just words that are conflating rapidly. Thus, U.S has a higher risk of stopping cryptocurrency compared to China.

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Climatic Changes of the Decade captured by a Satellite

The decade the 2010s is when the world experienced a severe climate change and will be in our memory. This decade can be explained by any non-scientific person that there was tremendous climate change and has provided the projected changes to be a reality. The world came into the unsteady state, especially where the previous generation did not put emphasis. For example, less violent weather and frozen artic is now a dream.

The impacts of climate change are all over and visible by everyone on the earth; satellites have consistently offered the majority of striking views of the mega changes. The satellites owned by NASA moves in the orbit about 400 to 500 miles above the surface of the earth. Excellent understanding of the world and other planets on space in the 2010s decade made milestones through the supported of satellites owned by the European Space Agency Union and NASA.  These satellites started the initial discoveries on climate change from the North Pole to the South Pole. One does not have to attain the Ph.D. to imagine being sent on Earth and see the changes at hand.

A satellite Imagery expert, Pierre Markuse, who once worked for Sentinel Hub, helped to study many changes in the past decade that demonstrated the continues climate effects. The ice in all parts of the world has melted, and actually, there are hundreds of glaciers, icebergs, and arctic sea ice, which are disappearing. It is only the Canadian Barnes Ice Cap on the Artic Baffin Island that is still at its original state due to some reasons. These reasons that make it stand include; the ice cap is a remnant of ancient ice of the Earth, it is the Laurentide Ice sheet that Stretched from Baffin Island to the south of Chicago in the ice age period. 

In the publication done in early 2019 by Momentous research, an ancient plant was used at the corner of the ice cap to prove that the Arctic has heated up in less than 115,000 years. Even with more than 100,000 years, the quick Arctic Warming of the past decade has been notable peal on the ice cap. Images taken by NASA’s Terra satellite show that the ice cap differs from the glacier because it is stagnant rather than being in motion and has become darker and this will fasten its demise. This change in iceberg was identified, but it may take many years total loss the ice, but in the end, history will in the archive.  

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Investigation of The Night Space- Caldwell catalog

In the 18th century, an astronaut from French by the name Charles Messier put together a list of more than 100 cosmic substances that influence another comic researcher that he had found a new comet. This Smudgy spot on the sky publicized as reserved galaxies, star clusters, and Nebulas. Messier catalog has used a universe for detecting visually spectacular galactic substances. 

In 1980, Sir Patrick Moore, an Englishman, discovered a new list to focus more on cosmic phenomena, which shall be visible to upcoming astronauts.  In contrast to Messier’s catalog, which only had substances that were visible from Charles Messier’s viewing location in Europe, Moore Caldwell catalog contains cosmic bodies that found in the northern and southern skies.  This collection includes 46-star clusters, 35 galaxies, and 28 nebulas totaling to 109 substances. Moore did not contain any of the Messier substance in his group to increase the upcoming astronomers’ space horizon. 

The Hubble Space Telescope did not capture all images of every substance in the Caldwell catalog; it has taken more than 95 of them in 2019 with the hope of adding more pictures soon. Some of these images are close to each other, which is the best region of an object, unlike taking the image of the whole thing. This image is because hubbies’ telescope has high resolution but covers a small area in the sky. Most times, the astronomical substances do not fit in Hubble’s view, while the scientist capturing the image only require a low opinion of the material being studied.

Some images of the Caldwell substances appear with an unusual staircase-like shape with the edge of the photo appear to be chopped. The images captured using wide field and planetary Camera 2, which had been used between 1994 and 2009. 

The Hubble used these days contains two cameras that capture take images of the universe. These cameras, one is referred to as  Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS), and the other one is known as wild-field camera 3 (WFC3), which works alongside each other to form superb wide-field imaging over a vast distance of wavelengths.

 These telescopes are visible- light observations that enable to user to view a wide range of space substances. The infrared view allows one to capture images that cannot be seen by the naked eye.  Hubble provides quality images, but Caldwell objects can is viewed using a simple ground telescope. Caldwell images contain great observation of the history of science and entertainment 

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New Magnetic Explosion Observed in the Sun.

NASA’s solar dynamics observers have viewed a magnetic bang such that has never been, in the early days.  During the investigation in the upper part of the sun’s atmosphere, a common and big circle of material produced by an emerging solar surface that is retrieving back to the solar surface. But before, it could create a critical move into the snarl of magnetic field lines, which flash a magnetic outburst. 

In the early days, the scientist has discovered the outburst snap and rearrangement of interwoven magnetic field lines on the sun, this process is commonly known as magnetic reconnection, but not the process that has been generated by a nearby explosion. The study has proved a decade-old theory, which will help researchers to understand an important secret about the atmosphere of the sun and will help in forecasting the space weather. The study may cause advances in well-ordered fusion and lab plasma investigations. 

According to Abhishek Srivastava, a solar scientist at the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), in Varanasi, India, this is the initial observation of an outer driver of magnetic recombination.  He continues saying, this could be very important in understanding other solar systems.  For example, the world and planets magnetospheres and other magnetic plasma sources contain investigations at the laboratory scales where plasma is mostly diffusive and impossible to control.

Magnetic recombination, known as spontaneous reconnection, has been previously seen between the sun and the earth. This type of explosion is new and is driven, known as forced reconnection, and has not to see directly, although it was captured 15 years ago.  The current surveillance was recently published in the astrophysical journal. 

Impulsive reconnections noticed earlier need a place with just the exact condition, which includes a thin mass if ionized gases or plasma that only weakly will transmit electric current for it to happen. This new type of forced recombination will occur in an extensive range of places, such as in the plasma, which has a low resistance in transferring the electric current. This resistance will only happen if there is an expulsion that changes it. The eviction will compress the plasma and magnetic fields, enhancing a reconnection.

The invisible magnetic lines of the sun do not affect the material around them, which a soup of very hot substances known as plasma.  NASA’s scientist investigated the plasma for Solar Dynamics Observatory, (SDO), who was checking the light wavelength of light that was seen as the heated substance at about 1-2million kelvins. 

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Techniques on how law implementation traps cryptocurrency convicts 

When Satoshi Nakamoto first made Bitcoin, he probably lacked the idea that it will develop and become the dark web’s best cryptocurrency and create a way for other currencies that definitely would be used to satisfy other illegal activities. 

The connections between cryptocurrency and crime have occurred for an extended period, as recorded in documents. Back in 2013, Silk Road was shut down following a law implementation. For example, it pointed out the way frauds used technology in the unseen places of the internet. 

Frauds use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for several reasons such as; legalizing dirty money, conning dupes out of possessions, deceiving shareholders, monetizing ransomware, or purchasing illegal properties. For some period, the news suggests that prominent radical bodies like ISIS or Al-Qaeda used the same cryptocurrency to acquire funding. 

Hard Fork has read many stories regarding cryptocurrency-steered misconducts. He has encountered instances where law implementation has cuffed perpetrators in an efficient method. 

From the coverage, one can realize that the success of law implementation in catching the perpetrators widely centers on a partnership with associated supports and on using the developed technology — however, times, the frauds aid detectives by unintentionally doxxing themselves. 

Charles Delingpole, who is the initiator of  Comply Advantage, an entity that examines other companies and monitors dealings of money, told Hard Fork that the most prominent blunder done by a cryptocurrency fraud is to de-anonymize oneself. When administrating Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht did this by using aliases that were easy to recognize and trailed back to his real-world personality.

Analyzing the blockchain

Unlike cost, which one can fail to the trail, blockchain technology is pseudo-anonymous and acts like an unlimited, unchallengeable data register, which keeps every single cryptocurrency dealings that take place at any time. In addition, it allows law implementation organizations to track and follow back the currency. 

The fact that Bitcoin dealings leave a trail is not enough to avert the frauds from doing their prohibited activities. We all know that law implementers lack the skills to point out the organizations tangled in a Bitcoin deal instantaneously, but they can see and study patterns in the movements of cryptocurrencies.

A new method of investigating

Katherine Haun, who is a stockholder of prosecutor-cum-cryptocurrency, is a prominent partner to be part of VC firm Andreessen Horowitz. She co-headed its $350 million cryptocurrency trust for some years. She helped in inspecting prison bands, shady officers, and the mafia. She also inspected white-collar misconducts and public exploitation, where authority managers misused cryptocurrencies 

She successfully traced a crime committed by an agent who swindled 20,000BTC, equivalent to $150 million.   

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Highs and Lows of United States Space Agency in 2019  

Preparations for the NASA’s Commercial crew program reached the final stage with both the SpaceX’s crew dragon as well as Boeing’s Starliner launching the first test flights. The NASA’s office of the Inspector General but warned that the ongoing delays in program had been expected to lead to the minor space station crews for a minimum of first half of the year 2020. The NASA agency has been working to send the space explorers safely back to 

moon in the year 2024 after vice president Pence announced the 4-year acceleration of previous deadline. 

But, critics say that the new timeline may not be realistic. NASA was also able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on 20th July, marking the occasion with the various events. In the space, the space explorers started the tricky on the dark matter detector by the name Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. The NASA agency has classified this mission’s most challenging spacewalk task since Hubble Space Telescope upgraded conducted in the year 2009. The NASA astronauts were able to perform a first all-woman spacewalk, as well as the agency was able to announce that the crewmember named Christiana Koch would stay in space three extra months, putting her on track to be able to make second-longest spaceflight in the NASA history. 

NASA, as well as other government agencies, started the year during what would become the longest ever government shut down, prompting the agency concerns about long term effects on Astronomy. Also, in January, New Horizons spacecraft flew by the Kuiper Belt asteroid2014 MU69, making the space rock most distant object that has been explored. This object has been formally known as the Arrokoth. New Horizons team started to consider yet another distant destination visit later in its various mission.   

Mars was prominent in agency’s year. Opportunity mission ended formally in February after rover stopped responding to the commands in the year 2018, following the dust storm. InSight lander was able to deploy its instruments on Mars; seismometer has been able to send home some intriguing results even as the lander’s heat probe find it’s hard  to be able to dig into Martian surface. The NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was able to mark 60,000 laps of Red Planet; Orbiter’s observation has helped with the spacecraft landings as well as for observing the change on Martian Surface. And the agency has continued to launch the preparation for its advanced Mars rover yet, the Mars 2020, to be able to search out the habitable environments. 

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Antiobesity drug withdrawn in the 90’s useful for children with Dravet syndrome according to a new study

A new study, which appeared in The Lancet, shows the benefit of fenfluramine in the treatment of Dravet’s syndrome when added to existing antiepilepsy drugs. Fenfluramine is a medicine previously used to treat weight loss in obese adults and was withdrawn in the 1990s for some heart-related side effects.

In this study, researchers show that low doses of this substance do not cause particular side effects on subjects for whom experiments have been carried out even though the researchers themselves believe that further research is needed.

The researchers have in fact experimented with fenfluramine on several children with Dravet’s syndrome who noticed a general reduction in seizures compared to patients in a control group treated with a placebo substance. The experiments lasted 14 weeks.

Dravet’s syndrome is a disease of a fairly rare epileptic nature and resists almost all treatments. This disease is part of a group of severe epileptic disorders involving one in every 15,700-22,000 children born each year.

Children with Dravet’s syndrome show frequent seizures, motor and behavioural problems as well as high mortality mainly due to sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP).

The same subjects suffering from Dravet’s syndrome show a higher percentage of SUDEP than other patients with epilepsy. Most current therapies seem inadequate despite patients with this syndrome using more antiepileptic drugs.

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Climate change is damaging the health of children around the world

Extensive damage to health caused by climate change is mentioned in a new study conducted by an international team from 35 institutions and published in The Lancet. The study particularly refers to children, who, according to the researchers, will be much more vulnerable to climate change in the area of malnutrition due to rising food prices, particularly from agriculture.

There is talk of price increases, for example, in maize, wheat, soybean and erysium, which will be produced in smaller quantities and will therefore see a price rise. Children will be particularly affected by the increase in infectious diseases caused by the increased spread of bacteria, particularly in relation to diseases such as diarrhoea and wound infections.

Premature deaths of children from air pollution will also increase because the global energy supply from coal increased by 1.7% from 2016 to 2018, reversing what appeared to be a downward trend. Extreme weather events will intensify and increase fires and heat waves.

“This year the accelerated impacts of climate change have become clearer than ever,” reports Hugh Montgomery, co-president of The Lancet Countdown and director of the Institute for Human Health and Performance at University College London. “The higher temperatures recorded in Western Europe and the fires in Siberia, Queensland and California have caused asthma, respiratory infections and heat stroke. Sea levels are now rising at an increasingly worrying rate. Our children recognise this climate emergency and call for action to protect them. We must listen and respond.”

According to Nick Watts, executive director of The Lancet Countdown, the damage caused by climate change to children will be more severe because they have a naturally weaker immune system.
In addition, the damage the body receives during early childhood is often persistent and pervasive, and the health consequences can last a lifetime.

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Legumes are an important weapon to combat cardiovascular disease according to a new study

That legumes are good for your health is certainly not new and a new study, published in Advances in Nutrition, confirms it. According to researchers, eating beans, peas, lentils and other legumes can be an important weapon in the fight against cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and hypertension.

To assess the impact of legumes on cardiometabolic diseases, researchers have analyzed various cohort studies and found that those who consume legumes more frequently see reduced rates of incidence of cardiovascular disease by 10% compared to people who do not consume this food regularly. As explained by Hana Kahleova, a recipient of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a U.S. non-profit organization, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world and this underlines even more the importance of this research because legumes can be considered a cheap and affordable food.

Beans and members, in fact, are foods rich in fiber, vegetable proteins and other important micronutrients, all with a low intake of fat, which promotes the regulation of cholesterol and glycemic index. Moreover, according to the authors of the study, Americans do not consume enough legumes: “The simple fact of adding more beans to our dishes could be a powerful tool to combat heart disease and reduce blood pressure,” says Kahleova.

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Musk: completely autonomous cars for Tesla could arrive soon

A surprising statement was made by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, during a quarterly conference on Tesla’s profits in October. Musk, who spoke by phone, said that the company could release in advance the long-awaited software package called Full Self-Driving that offers the “complete autonomous drive” that would allow the much-coveted “level 5,” the last level with regard to the degrees of autonomy of a car. A software package could be available in just a few weeks.

Experts believe that already by the end of this year, at least some of the owners of Tesla-compatible models could therefore let their car travel in complete autonomy, something that in fact, as for the availability for normal customers, was seen only in science fiction movies. Of course, the purpose of such an announcement is also quite clear: in terms of public relations, an announcement like this puts Tesla itself at the top of what can be considered as a ten-year race towards the first fully independently driven car available to the public.

According to some of the company’s projections, the company could make gains of up to nearly $500 million just by pre-ordering the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package of compatible car owners, forecasts that have the potential to dramatically change the company’s short-term financial outlook. At the moment it’s not even clear what the installation of such a package means for the customer.

The details are however quite slim, and Tesla itself seems to be quite cautious: the car can be autonomous as far as driving is concerned but in some moments it still requires the supervision and potential intervention of a person, basically the driver. In any case, even the top management of Tesla itself knows that the drivers of these cars already habitually use the existing features related to autopilot without following the guidelines of the company regarding the supervision of the driver.

Videos or photos of Tesla’s drivers literally asleep at the wheel, for example, have not been very rare. In this sense, therefore, the long-awaited “complete autonomous driving” would not be a novelty. In any case, according to the company itself, “Tesla owners have driven billions of miles using autopilot and our quarterly vehicle safety report data indicate that drivers using autopilot suffer fewer accidents than drivers operating without assistance.”

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There could be thousands of planets around supermassive black holes

A new study deals with the possibility, once considered irrational, that there may be planets, maybe even habitable, around supermassive black holes. The study, published in arXiv, not only concludes that this possibility can in fact be seriously considered, but also shows that these planets could even be in the thousands.

As Keiichi Wada, professor at the University of Kagoshima and one of the authors of the study, explains, the right conditions are enough to ensure that the planets can form in what can still be considered as a difficult environment, namely the area around the black hole not too close to the horizon of events, so characterized by a force of gravity not too pronounced that can allow the planet to gravitate for a long period of time, but not too far away.

Even in the case of supermassive black holes, the planets would form as they form around the stars, that is, starting from discs of dust that rotate attracted by gravity. As Eiichiro Kokubo, a researcher at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and the other author of the study, explains, the calculations that the researchers made “show that tens of thousands of planets with a mass 10 times greater than the Earth could be formed about 10 light years from a black hole.”

This is a somewhat surprising revelation. Genuine enormous planetary systems could form around a supermassive black hole, something that throws new light on the possibility that life might be born on some of these planets. The possibility of planets forming around a supermassive black hole is supported by the large amount of dust that, at least usually, revolves around it.

The same researchers have calculated, for example, that around a medium sized supermassive black hole can gravitate a quantity of dust equal to 100,000 times the mass of the Sun, a billion times more than the mass of dust of a classic protoplanetary disk around a star.

However, if you are thinking about the possibility of a possible interception of one of these planets, for example around the black hole in the center of our galaxy, you will have to be very patient: with current technologies there are no known methods to intercept such an object but the same researchers behind this new study speak of a “new field of astronomy.”