World Class Villa La Maison Michelle: Black-owned private luxury resort in Barbados

It took six years for African American husband and wife entrepreneurs Michelle and Guy Jenkins to open their luxury resort in the Caribbean. Located on the west coast of Barbados, Villa La Maison Michelle is the only Black American-owned private luxury resort in Barbados.

Villa La Maison Michelle was designed by Michelle herself, and her designs showcase luxury beyond your imagination. The wow factor begins with wrought iron gates leading the way to a luxurious split-level home with panoramic views everywhere you look and an open air design, with spa luxury services supported by a butler, two housekeepers, and a landscaper.

There are open terraces, five-star dining services, a private gym, a spa, and two waterfalls on the grounds. The resort is private, yet easily connected to direct air flight service. It can accommodate special events for up to 500 people. The weather is 85 degrees all year with cool breezes, and the water is clear blue. 

A family legacy

Michelle Jenkins’ father bought the property 50 years ago as a legacy for the family. Michelle and Guy have turned the property into a very desirable resort that was also a good investment for them. It was also a way to establish their financial independence. With hard work, time and patience, the couple has created a very stable business.

  • Situated in Lancaster Ridge, St. James, Barbados
  • Adjacent to the exclusive Royal Westmoreland properties
  • Located on private ridge looking over a 18-hole world-class PGA golf course in Royal Westmoreland
  • Within 5 minutes from world-renowned 5 star Sandy Lane Resort

Ideal for special events: weddings, business conferences, private parties, Yoga/Spa/Golf retreats, etc.

What’s next?

The Jenkins have expressed an interest in expanding business to include more business-related opportunities, such as employee retreats, health and wellness retreats, music recording sessions, and more. They are even looking at a second property in Barbados. There is no doubt that whatever they do will be done with all the luxury shown in their first resort.

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New “Day Runner” App by Master P — Potential Bigger Than Uber!

Wall Street is ready for this On-Demand Transportation company.

Day Runner is a ride share and delivery app that connects users with the industry’s most professional contractors for fast, and reliable service.

Nationwide — Businessman Percy “Master P” Miller, Marvin Walker, and the Day Runner Technology Team have created an app that’s a game changer for the fast-paced courier and delivery service customer. Day Runner is ready for Wall Street and investors are eager to get in on the boom with the privately held American on-demand transportation company that has the potential to be bigger than Uber.

Day Runner is more than a ride share and delivery app that connects users with the industry’s most professional contractors for fast, and reliable service. Day Runner not only provides 24 hour around-the-clock rides and delivery service that individuals and business owners alike need, the app also assists with a wide variety of needs that include but are not limited to: supplies picked up and delivered before opening and/or close of business; meal deliveries; vehicle dropped off to the dealership for service; and back up or replacement driver for other courier businesses.

Marvin Walker, President/Founder

Day Runner was born out of frustration. Marvin was tired of being ripped off by courier companies he was sub-contracting for. After having several routes taken from him by his previous owner, Marvin decided to sell his home and create a platform more favorable to the contractors and the customers by eliminating the middle man. Convinced there was a better way to service customers and treat contractors while increasing their pay so contractors are making profits and not employee like wages, Marvin made his platform available to contractors and in less than 30 days had recruited over 300 contractors from some of the top courier companies that were treating those contractors poorly. Together, they all  intend to create a new, “21st century” courier company.

Day Runner puts businesses and individuals in a position to operate more effectively, by saving time and making more profits. If you need a ride or have a package that needs to be picked up and delivered, Day Runner App is the new way to go.

300 contractors in 30 days

The North Carolina Start-up currently serves:  Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC, Cleveland OH, Richmond VA, Roanoke VA.

Click Here to become a Driver/Contractor

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#NFL Blackout: Conscious People take a Stand for Kaepernick


It’s been more than a year since NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to take a stand for equal justice and against unconstitutional policing by taking a knee during the singing of the national anthem at the start of football games. A year later, he is still being made to pay the price for daring to speak out against racial injustice, discrimination and bigotry.

But the backlash against the outspoken QB has grown from sharp criticism and blame for the league’s slipping television viewership into him being blackballed and made an example of by NFL teams.

In a league where solid, competitive quarterbacks are hard to come by, Kaepernick is being told that none of the NFL franchises could benefit from his athletic services.

One might argue that such is the price a professional athlete pays for being compensated with millions of dollars annually for playing a team sport by team owners who clearly represent the ruling 1 percent.

NFL owners, executives and others might argue that athletes aren’t paid to think or to voice their personal opinions about the social and political issues of the day. But are they being handsomely compensated to shut up and play ball, a notion that inspired the concept of a $60 million slave?

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From Broken to Whole: The Live Richer Challenge

Let America’s favorite financial educator help you master your money!

Join the LIVE RICHER Challenge for FREE

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche is America’s favorite financial educator. The Budgetnista is a spokesperson and passionate, award winning teacher of financial empowerment. Since 2008, The Budgetnista has specialized in the delivery of financial education that includes seminars, workshops, curricula and trainings. She was also the financial education expert for City National Bank.

Tiffany is the bestselling author of the book, The One Week Budget (#1 Amazon / budgeting), and she and her financial advice have been featured on: the TODAY show, PBS, TIME, The New York Times, ESSENCE Magazine, FORBES, Fox Business, MSNBC and CBS MoneyWatch. She also blogs about personal finance for The Huffington Post.

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Trayvon Receives Posthumous Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Science

Martin had a “love of flying”

On May 13, 2017 Trayvon Martin will be honored with posthumous bachelor’s degree in aeronautical science from Florida Memorial University.

The bachelor’s degree in “Aeronautical Science with a concentration in Flight Education” will be conferred to Trayvon Martin, the school said, “in honor of the steps he took during his young life toward becoming a pilot.”

Florida Memorial University is a historically black college in Miami Gardens, Florida where Trayvon Martin lived at the time of his death.

Martin had a “love of flying,” the school says, and had aspired to become a pilot.

Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, Martin’s parents, will accept the degree on their son’s behalf at Florida Memorial University’s commencement ceremony on May 13, the school announced this week. Born in February 1995, Martin would be 22 years old, an age many US college students attain a bachelor’s degree.

Fulton is an alumnus of the school, and the university already houses the Trayvon Martin Foundation, co-founded by Trayvon’s parents.

Source: Reuters, CNN, MSN