Standing Rock & the Sioux Nation Matters


Over the weekend, (11/20/16) the situation at Standing Rock grew more contentious. On Sunday night, Morton County police sprayed the crowd of about 400 people with tear gas and water cannons as temperatures dipped below freezing.

AS POLICE UNLEASHED STREAMS of icy water Sunday night against Dakota Access pipeline demonstrators, Linda Black Elk, a member of the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council, was helping care for injured demonstrators. The council estimated that 300 people were treated for injuries, including 26 who were taken to area hospitals.

“What it was like were people walking through the dark of a winter North Dakota night, some of them so cold, and sprayed with water for so long, that their clothes were frozen to their body and crunching as they walked. So you could hear this crunching sound and this pop-pop-pop, and people yelling [to the police], ‘We’ll pray for you! We love you!’” Black Elk said, describing the scene as police sprayed protesters with water and fired tear gas and rubber bullets during the more than six-hour standoff.

In the midst of the clash, the Medic and Healer Council, which was set up to provide health support to those fighting the pipeline, released a statement pleading with police to halt the use of water cannons. “As medical professionals, we are concerned for the real risk of loss of life due to severe hypothermia under these conditions,” the statement said.

Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said, “We don’t have water cannons,” explaining, “This is just a fire hose.”

“It was sprayed more as a mist, and we didn’t want to get it directly on them, but we wanted to make sure to use it as a measure to help keep everybody safe,” he said. “We’re just not going to let people and protesters in large groups come in and threaten officers. That’s not happening.”

The department characterized the protesters’ actions as “very aggressive,” saying that projectiles had been thrown at police, injuring one officer. Medics on the ground said the demonstrators they observed were unarmed and largely nonviolent. The department said it had requested additional assistance from law enforcement around the state, and that border patrol would be providing support.

Noah Morris was another medic at the scene. “They were just hosing people down with their water cannon that continued for the entirety of the four hours I was out there watching,” he said. He said that earlier in the week, the rivers and creeks nearby had started to crust over with ice. As he and his team flushed the eyes of people sprayed with tear gas, the water and milk of magnesia they used turned to black ice on the ground.

Morris said he knew of multiple people that had been hit in the head with rubber bullets or bean bag rounds. In a statement, the Medic and Healer Council described injuries including an elder who lost consciousness before being revived on site, a man who experienced a seizure, and a woman whose eye was injured when she was shot in the face by a rubber bullet.

The standoff began after pipeline opponents attempted to use a semi-truck to remove two charred military vehicles from a bridge. The vehicles were serving as a blockade between the large encampment known as Oceti Sakowin, which has served as a base for blocking the pipeline, and construction sites accessible farther down the highway. Beyond the burned-out vehicles stood cement road barriers topped with razor wire, behind which police and other security officials have been standing guard since the end of October. Their presence means a detour for those traveling between the Standing Rock Sioux reservation and the city of Bismarck, including emergency medical services.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has requested Morton County to prevent protesters from trespassing on land north of the camp.”

Since April, when citizens of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation set up the Sacred Stone Camp, thousands of people have passed through and pledged support. Environmentalists and activist groups like Black Lives Matter and Code Pink have also stepped in as allies. Many people who have visited say that the camp is beyond anything they’ve ever experienced.

In the case of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Standing Rock Sioux have been able to attract support from hundreds of tribes all over the country, not just in places that would be directly affected. The tribes aren’t just leaning on long-held beliefs about the importance of the natural world. They’re also using long-held resistance strategies. Like the encampment itself.

President Obama vetoed Keystone XL. But even at the time, A. Gay Kingman, the executive director of the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association, warned that the reprieve would be temporary. “Wopila [thank you] to all our relatives who stood strong to oppose the KXL,” Kingman said in a statement after the veto. “But keep the coalitions together, because there are more pipelines proposed, and we must protect our Mother Earth for our future generations.”



Alleen Brown: Full Article


Black Friday Boycott cost Retailers $1.5 Billion in loss of Sales Last Year!


It is estimated that general retail loss will more than double this year in Lieu of the racial outbursts following Trump’s win. African-Americans are proudly holding their ground on spending their dollars and making conscious decisions on where they are spending based on the increase in sales for Black businesses which grew exponentially in 2015.

Last year sales at brick and mortar stores on Black Friday fell from $11.6 billion in 2014 to $10.4 billion in 2015, according to a report by Associated Press using data from the retail researcher ShopperTrak.  And though the Associated Press wants to attribute most of the decrease to online shopping, they have to acknowledge the impact made by the African-American boycott of Black Friday over the last two years being an increasing factor.

In spite of the media silence on the tremendous effect the boycott has had on the loss of retail sales on black Friday and the lack of acknowledgment by the mainstream news of the increased sales for Black Businesses, there is plenty of data to verify the plummeting affects the boycott has had on the retail market. They will not be able to ignore us much longer if we continue not only boycotting Black Friday, but boycotting major retail outlets that do not give back to the welfare of our communities at large.

Michigan Avenue Black Friday protests cost stores 25-50 percent of sales

Activists who blocked the entrances to stores on North Michigan Avenue on Black Friday last year protesting the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a white Chicago cop may have split opinions with their tactics. But as one retailer there said, “We were budgeted to make $37,000 but we only did $19,000”

The protesters marched down North Michigan urging holiday shoppers to boycott dramatically reduced foot traffic while other protesters who physically blocked shoppers from entering stores also hurt sales in a big way, according to the retailers.

Hopefully the physical barriers and public stances to remind  not to enter stores will stop being necessary; but if that’s what it takes until we are all on board as a united whole then hats off to the organizers preparing again this year to show up at business doors with their convictions.


Tobacco Facts #6: Tobacco company CEO salaries compared with those of tobacco farm workers

Money up in smoke: Cigarettes @ $8 pk per day = $240 per mo = $2,880.00 per yr. Meanwhile: Cigarette CEOs earn salaries upwards $12,000,000 a year and don’t smoke!

The Great Tobacco Plague

It must be quite a life being an executive, especially the CEO, of a big tobacco company, with the wealth they must accumulate from their huge salaries. Well, when I say quite a life, I mean quite a material life. I wonder, though, how their spiritual or psychological life is. Can you really be happy when you KNOW that the products you’re selling are the number one preventable cause of death, disease and suffering in the world?

In 2011, the annual base salary of the chief executive of British American Tobacco, which sells Rothmans cigarettes (among others), was £1,290,000 (about $2 million), though this appears to have been subsequently reduced to a meagre 1,000,000 GB pounds.

The BAT web site adds, “In addition to basic salary, the Executive Directors receive certain benefits in kind, principally: a car or car allowance; the use of a driver; the installation and/or maintenance…

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African-Americans resettle in Africa


Ghana is the first African country to officially open its doors to people of African descent from all over the world. 

In Prampram, a town just an hour’s drive east of Ghana’s capital Accra, many holiday houses line the shores of the South Atlantic Ocean. One of them belongs to Jerome Thompson. Located only 500 meters from the waterMr. Thompson, a native of Maryland in the United States, retired to Ghana 11 years ago. He first visited the West African country on a tour in 2000. “I fell in love with Ghana and its people,” he recalled, during an interview with Africa Renewal. “It was good seeing black people, my people, in charge of the country (Ghana).” 

“I was so ready to turn my back on the United States,” he says, adding: “We did so much for the US, yet they don’t want to see us as first-class citizens.” 

Currently, there are around 200 million people in the Americas identifying themselves as of African descent, according to the United Nations. Millions more live in other parts of the world, outside of the African continent, and in most cases they experience racism and discrimination.

To promote the respect for and protection of their human rights, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 2015–2024 as the “The International Decade for the People of African Descent”, to be marked annually on 25 March.

Right of Abode

Ghana, from whose shores the majority of 15 million Africans passed into slavery, has invited its descendants in the diaspora to return home.  The country has had a long history, from the days of its first president, Kwame Nkrumah, of encouraging the return of persons of African descent to help with the continent’s development.

Read the full article by:  Efam Dovi From Africa Renewal



One of the first things many African-Americans will say when confronted with the idea of moving to Africa is, “Africans don’t like us.” Top that with the a third-world images America has bombarded into our psyche of Africa with starving children, grass huts and barren lands with rebels riding shotgun in old dirty jeeps, makes most African-Americans consider every other country before the motherland — but they should be well aware by now of the manipulative trickery and deceit of our government and consider even if Africans don’t like us, it would still be better among them then what we are tolerating here.

One of the most successful tactics of British soldiers to plant fear was to show “images of dead bodies and ruined houses” to threatened the people.  — Virginia Woolf

The American and UK media outlets are going out of their way to covertly insinuate and convince Black people of the impoverished conditions of Africa, a continent 3 times the size of America and the richest land on this planet, would be a detrimental move and that blacks would be far better off staying here or moving to another European country than going back to Africa.

And yes, they are playing both ends against the middle, spreading lies to Africans about us like they spread lies to us about them but as in an old African Proverb, but rather than trying to have that conversation about race with them that they don’t want to hear, we should have a talk with our brothers and sisters in Africa. I urge you to remember that is the “hunter” (white man) speaking when it reads, “Until the Lion tells his story, the Hunter will forever be glorified.”

Witness recently when President Obama visited Kenya, the only footage shown was of Obama visiting the undeveloped rural villages and impoverished back towns (the same conditions can be found in America with the right cameras) but they never showed the luxury accommodations where the president resided during his stay. However as you can see in the photos below, Kenya’s Downtowns and cities are un-paralleled in beauty and modernization to any place in the US.

No you can’t go over there “slapping five’s” any more than you could in any European country, especially Canada, America’s twin, who houses blacks in the same invisibly segregated sections and classes we are far too accustomed to here. –DVB

lagos nairaland

Whether as descendants of the victims of the transatlantic slave trade or as more recent migrants, they constitute some of the poorest and most marginalized groups. Studies and findings by international and national bodies demonstrate that people of African descent still have limited access to quality education, health services, housing and social security.

In many cases, their situation remains largely invisible, and insufficient recognition and respect has been given to the efforts of people of African descent to seek redress for their present condition. They all too often experience discrimination in their access to justice, and face alarmingly high rates of police violence, together with racial profiling.

Furthermore, their degree of political participation is often low, both in voting and in occupying political positions.

In addition, people of African descent can suffer from multiple, aggravated or intersecting forms of discrimination based on other related grounds, such as age, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, social origin, property, disability, birth, or other status.

nairobi-kenya-night beautiful-cities-in-africa

The promotion and protection of human rights of people of African descent has been a priority concern for the United Nations. See full article

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 18 November 2014 – PDF

Trump Protests: Side effects of Mass Psychological Manipulation

Protests against Trump’s victory immediately broke out across the nation and spread beyond our borders into the UK; but this is a normal side-effect of mass psychological manipulation.


Reason tells me that it would have been far more feasible for everyone to have refused to vote for these unethical characters than to accept being coerced into picking one and then turn to the streets protesting the outcome!

How the manipulation began; first people were forced to lower their moral standards with a choice of 2 unethical characters, then hit by the “Bait and Switch’” tactics of the unethical vote counting practice that disregards the most votes for “state allowed” votes, they’ll be given a day or two blow off steam, without ever realizing they are being desensitized to accept corruption as the American way.

This kind of manipulation is a Psychological Operation, also known as PSYOP, a proven winner and important force to influence the emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of individuals, groups, and organizations.

PSYOP may be defined broadly as the planned use of communications to influence human attitudes and behavior that support the attainment of national objectives. The form of communication can be as simple as spreading information covertly by word of mouth or through any means of multimedia including social media networks such as facebook and twitter.

First comes the warfare: Psychological Warfare or PSYWAR is simply learning everything about your target, their beliefs, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities; such as what facebook does. Once you know what motivates your target, you are ready to begin psychological operations such as in this political fiasco of mental manipulation of our right to vote turned into a moral obligation.

Full article on Psychological Operations/Warfare written by Major Ed Rouse click here: psyhist

Yeah, yeah I get it … ”PEOPLE DIED FOR MY RIGHT TO VOTE”


It’s an outdated, tired line of psychological manipulation (guilt trip) used as a means to influence society to elect their own systematic loss of inherent freedoms and independence by making them think they MUST make a choice… it’s called SUFFRAGE.

But the truth is PEOPLE ARE STILL DYING and more people have died BECAUSE of our right to vote then those who have died FOR the right. Take a look at the death tolls in the same war that’s been going on for the 4 different elections we have voted in; deaths are still rising regardless of who we vote for because we choose from the choices of the manipulators who replace our freedoms with fears…that’s called SUFFERANCE!


SUFFRAGE – The right to vote, especially in a political election.

SUFFERANCE – Passive permission resulting from lack of interference; tolerance, especially of something wrong or illegal.

Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the behavior or perception of others through abusive, deceptive, or underhanded tactics.[1] By advancing the interests of the manipulator, often at another’s expense, such methods could be considered exploitative, abusive, devious, and deceptive. Social influence is not necessarily negative. For example, doctors can try to convince patients to change unhealthy habits. The process of manipulation involves bringing an unknowing victim under the domination of the manipulator, often using deception, and using the victim to serve their own purposes.