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“Mystery Man” Started Something that Black Women Intend Finish

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The Anti-Beyonce rally has taken on a life of its own thanks to news organizations taking the story public without any verification of validity of the the organizers but the standoff of Black women to counter that rally in support of Beyonce has outgrown the anti-rally’s potential to influence the NFL.

The following media report lends itself to the hysteria of sensational media driven by their own agenda to incite racial unrest. However, they have sparked an unexpected outcome spurring Black women around the country to become active with their community organizations and to take a powerful stance against the negative portrayal of Black image in America:

The Guardian called the original organizer “the group behind an ‘Anti-Beyoncé Protest Rally.’” The Washington Post called the page’s creator “an unidentified group… planning to protest against the pop superstar.”

Excerpt from: The Daily Beast

“Repeated requests for comment sent to Proud of the Blues’ Twitter account, Facebook account and Eventbrite account have gone unanswered since Friday. (There is no direct contact information available for any of the accounts.)”

There is no proof,  that the “group” behind the protest exists.

If this is an organization — and not a single person who filled out a free, online form — it’s not a very organized one. The protest’s Eventbrite creator didn’t have a name, Facebook page or Twitter account until a day after national news coverage came pouring in. The unnamed organizer eventually renamed the group “Proud of the Blues” on Thursday, two days after the event was supposed to happen, with an accompanying Twitter account and Facebook page that had collected just 19 likes 24 hours after The New York Daily Newsposted the first national news story about the event.

Over the weekend, Proud of the Blues created a WordPress page that lived under the domain name The .cf suffix is a domain extension assigned to the Central African Republic, where domains can be registered for free. No working email address, credit card information, or other real-life identifiers are required to sign up for a .cf extension.

The protest has certainly taken on a life of its own since the Daily News wrote its initial story on Wednesday morning. Two separate EventBrite counter-protest events have been created since the event’s existence created a firestorm. One, dubbed Pro-Beyoncé Protest Rally, is linked to by the Proud of the Blues protest.

The Daily Beast spoke with Black Girl Rising, the group behind the anti-anti-Beyoncé protest rally that was not linked to by Proud of the Blues. On their EventBrite page they encouraged attendees to “dress in your ‘Formation’ video/Super Bowl performance-inspired gear and make this a moment a joyous one!” The group wrote that this was not just a response to an attack on Beyoncé and the Black Panther movement, but also an “excuse to celebrate a very awesome song.”

Mela Machinko, one of Black Girl Rising’s co-creators, explained that the group is a “collective” that formed after they’d read the slew of articles that popped up five days ago detailing Proud of the Blues’ EventBrite announcement. Though they’ve been thrilled by the positive response they’ve gotten on social media and in the press, they declined to say how many people they expected would be attending tomorrow to dodge the spies allegedly working under the direction of Proud of the Blues.

Even if Proud Blues isn’t an actual organization, it seems to have spawned a very real response.


She Accomplished more in 4 Minutes than has been done in 50 years!


Good or bad, black or white, like it or not; Beyonce has accomplished more in 4 minutes to shake up racism in this country then has been done by all of us combined in 50 years! She could have done better, she could have done worse; or she could have sat back and pretended nothing was happening like most everybody else.  Formation has not only rocked the foundation of white dominance in America but has set off a ripple effect around the globe surpassing the highest magnitude of an earthquake on the Richter Scale — She gets a 10.0.

In recent history for Black America, the Black Panthers were the first group to get the NATIONAL ATTENTION of White America and that was over 50 years ago. They effectively outraged and injected fear into the class of white supremacy; but after the Black Panthers were all wiped out along with every other Black leader that was a potential threat of that time, white America has utterly ignored Black America since…that is until Beyonce performed live at the super bowl and in less than 5 minutes she GOT THEIR ATTENTION Nationally!  If we have learned our lesson the outcome will not be the same but the opportunity to do for self is once again upon us.

I strongly believe that if there is going to be change in the black communities around the world, it will be by the might and determination of those in danger of the greatest losses – The Black Woman.  She has shown what one black woman can do; imagine what all Black women can do together under one formation to stop the killings and disrespect.