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Global Umbilical Cord Clamps Market Is Expected To Grow At A CAGR Of 5.2% From 2020 To 2027

Umbilical cord is a gynecological instrument which is used for clamping the umbilical cord after the live birth in order to separate the newborn from the mother’s placenta. Earlier the waiting period before clamping was considered as 1 minute but current guidelines pertaining to obstetrics and gynecology consider 3 to 5 minutes necessary to ensure optimum blood iron level in the newborn.

Stainless steel umbilical cord clamps are frequently used as they are safe to reuse after they have been rendered sterile by autoclaving with other gynecological devices. They are considered as a green alternative to plastic and polymer-based clamps and hence does not require a cutting tool. Polymer-based umbilical cord clamps will be the largest and fastest-growing product segment during the forecast period. Inherent features such as non-toxic, sterile, and pyrogen-free polymers used in manufacturing clamps which are intended for single-purpose thereby drastically reducing the risk of cross-contamination. It ensures protection against accidental reopening, provides excellent angle movement for the clamps which is gaining huge popularity among gynecologists as it is relatively safe to use due to the presence of grooves and notches on the clippings surface which prevents slipping of the umbilical cord and reduces injury.

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Hospitals are currently spearheading the end-user segment for the umbilical cord clamps market. It is the first point of contact for middle and low-income households seeking midwifery medical services. Clinics are gaining tremendous market growth owing to its ability to provide obstetrics and gynecological services to people inhabiting in remote locations.

North America is currently dominating the geography segment for the umbilical cord clamps market. The primary factor which determines its market dominance is the significant rise in the number of live births. According to the latest statistics brought forward by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology (ACOG) approximately 3.79 million live birth took place in the United States in 2018. Domicile of key manufacturers such as Medline Industries, Inc., Angiplast, Ardo, Medgyn Products Inc., further propel the market growth in the region. Europe is in the 2ndposition in the geography segment for the umbilical cord clamps market. A significant rise in the delayed cord clamping after live births to ensure optimum blood iron level in the newborn primarily determines the market growth in the region. It is expected that the Asia Pacific is keen to register comfortable market growth in the near future on account of huge funding issued by government healthcare agencies for securing women and child health and welfare.

Medical device manufacturers actively manufacturing umbilical cord clamps are Angiplast, Ardo, Medline Industries, Inc., Medgyn Products, Inc., Mediscope International Limited, Surtex Instruments Limited, Denticon Surgical Instruments, Besmed Health Business Corp., Birth Supplies Canada, and R.I.MOS. Srl.

Market Key Takeaways:

  • Increasing number of live births worldwide and rising trend of nurturing new family among adults
  • Significant rise in the demand for polymer-based umbilical cord clamps which are disposable and reduces risk of cross-contamination
  • Effective implementation of guidelines pertaining to obstetrics and gynecology worldwide increasing demand for umbilical cord clamps market

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