Write for Melanian News

Write for Melanian News

Melanian News is moving forward as the paramount media syndication of reliable information and resources to abolish the international relegation of Africans and their global descendants.  The goal is to promote and confirm the progressive power and presence of our existence on this planet and establish our own empowering image and ideals.




Do you want to write for Melanian News? Are you tired of someone else determining who we are and are not, as a racial group or culture of people; creating our descriptions and measure of beauty based on their own bias and limitations; deciding what we should think, how we should behave, and what our objectives and aspirations should be? You’ve come to the right place. Please read through the following information to become one of our treasured contributors.

Important note: Our current priority is for topic specific, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly contributors of how-to articles, progress, and opinion pieces. In an effort to establish consistency, we are compelled to be extremely selective. We’d like our audience to look forward to your work on a scheduled, regular basis which means we will require several articles in advance i.e.: monthly contributors must submit 6 initial articles and follow-up with the remaining articles for the year, 2 months prior to publication’s scheduled date.

If you can’t commit on a continuous basis, we welcome relative, current-issue sensitive submissions from guest bloggers throughout the years who submit their request 2 weeks in advance of relative publication.

We also offer a “Sponsored Article” option: Essentially, the how-to article or opinion piece you sponsor would be published within a couple of weeks; however, it must still meet our editorial guidelines, and it must still be accepted for publication by our editors. Sponsored articles are bylined, web-linked, sponsor page opportunities. Further details on about sponsored articles will be posted soon be sure to check back for more information.

Seeking non-European topics on the following categories:





Personal Development

International Perspectives

Global Resources

(non-European in this context means the exclusion of traditions, conceptions, and expressions that are/were developed, established, or influenced by Caucasian ideals and cultures.  For example, we are not looking for information on raising babies according to the generally accepted limitations of rearing children established by the white ideals of society; rather we are looking for more profound ways of raising superior melanin rich babies according proven scientific measures and our own genetic capacity)

( Please note:  this page is still under construction so please check back regularly if all the information you need is not available or you can contact me below)

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